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Make a translation, get a registration!

I would want to support "any" language not only English but can't satisfy my desire: time is little and foreign orthography is my foible...Want you to help me? you may translate the documentation of one (or more) of my programs or else (if you're a true ResEdit wizard) just a program. I can't pay for this, but you will receive a registration number for the translated program and your name will appear into the acknowledgements. Contact me, if you're interested.

This is a list of media, I know, who have published Yellowsoft's software. Please, tell me if you know some other ones or if you find some error inside the following list.
Apple Guide (USA)
Pacific HiTech (USA)
Macmillan Computer Publishing (USA)
Software of the Month Club (USA)
Software USA (USA)
CrystalVision (USA)
MacAddict (USA)
MacNow (USA)
Amug (USA)
Celestin (USA)
Info-Mac (USA) (USA)
PureMac (USA) (USA)
BizProWeb (USA)
Filedudes (USA)
VersionTracker (USA)
Compuserve (USA)
Tucows (USA)
Unvisible Universe Software (USA)
Club Macintosh de Quebec (Canada)
Takarajima Publishing (Japan)
HyperLib Magazine (Japan)
MacPower (Japan)
Mac Fan (Japan)
Mac Fan Internet (Japan)
Taiyo Tosho Publishing (Japan)
Some ASCII book (Japan)
ECN (Japan)
MAT Planning (Japan)
BNN Co., Ltd (Japan)
Tips and Technique for Macintosh (Japan)
Japanese Macintosh Magazine(Japan)
IGS (Japan)
Mac 100% (Japan)
Macintosh Revelation CD (Japan)
Hong Kong Macintosh User Group (Hong Kong)
Victorian Macintosh User Group (Australia)
SVM Mac (France)
Universe Mac (France)
MacPressen (Sweden)
macpool (Germany)
MACup (Germany)
Mac MAGAZIN (Germany)
Macwelt-Leser CD (Germany)
Mac Up (Germany)
Magnet (Austria ?)
The Mac (England)
Total Mac (England)
MacLibrary (Belgium)
Applicando (Italy)
Programmi.Com (Italy)
MacPower Interactive (Italy)
MacUser (World)
MacFormat (World)
MacWorld (World)
CD-ROM Today (World)

June 2, 2000
Yellowsoft on

September 3, 1999
New Yellowsoft Download Site. Hosted by ImagicA.

June 12, 1999
All Yellowsoft's Software are now downloadable directly from this site.

June 2, 1999
Fees for Yellowsoft's Software are now collected by Kagi.
See the new How to register page.

January 8, 1999
FileT&C, The Eraser and YellowView are

November 22, 1998
New Site design.

The MacLocksmith was [awards] for Friday, November 13, 1998 on MacNN

October 11, 1998
Added Search Site capability, thanks to FreeFind. Improved the whole site. New banner and logo, thanks to The Graphics Hanger.

September 26, 1998
Added link to Mipz Logo

September 16, 1998
MiniSubstitute 1.7.1 added to MacFixIt 'permanent' software library.

May 2, 1998
The Yellowsoft Web Site is now on Geocities, many improvements.

April 5, 1998
Yellowsoft becomes a member of LinkExchange.!

April 3, 1998
Yellowsoft becomes a member of

March 11, 1998
FileT&C and The Eraser selected as 'especially to be recommended by computer journalists' on macpool.

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August 25, 2000
The Eraser Pro 2.7.0 released.

August 10, 2000
Substitute 1.8.5 released.

July 15, 2000
ToScrap 1.4.5 released.

June 22, 2000
NameChum Pro 2.5.0 released.

June 4, 2000
YER (Yellow Error Reference) 2.0.0 released.

May 14, 2000
The Musician Pro 3.1.0 released.

March 17, 2000
FileT&C Pro 2.3.0 released.

February 26, 2000
The Eraser Pro 2.6.0 released.

February 3, 2000
Substitute Pro 1.8.0 released.

December 14, 1999
Witchdoctor Pro 2.0.0 released.

December 7, 1999
YER (Yellow Error Reference) 1.1.0 released.

October 17, 1999
YER 1.0.0 released.

August 29, 1999
YellowSweet 1.1.0 released.

August 29, 1999
The MacLocksmith 2.4.0 released.

August 1, 1999
AliasCrony 2.2.0 released.

July 17, 1999
QIM 1.2.4 released.

July 16, 1999
Substitute 1.7.8 FAT released.

July 4, 1999
YellowView 2.1.2 FAT released.

June 27, 1999
Substitute 1.7.7 FAT released.

June 24, 1999
DocJet 1.3.2 FAT released.

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