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Mindworks IM Manager. The true definition of quality.

This program has been in the making for over three years. It has so many features, at one time I had a page dedicated to just the features of it. As of summer of 2000, TPA Software has imitated it. As far as my tests go, it's nowhere near close. Here is a basic list of features included in this program.

  • Ultra fast response time
  • Interchangable interfaces
  • MP3 and WAV Capabilities with File Browser for listening to media as you chat
  • Playlist Capabilities
  • Have it be part of AOL or as a seperate program
  • Auto-Answer capabilities
  • One time registration fee. Even if the program becomes more expensive.
  • Much, much more

As you can see from the screen shot of the program, it's layout is simple. It's easy to learn, easy to use, and can become habitual after a while. As of version 4.1.9, the program works on AOL Versions 3-8 and Compuserve 2000 v6. It hasn't been tested with any other versions of Compuserve, but it might work.

4.3.2 Differences Include:
Added: Playlist Functionality
Added: ID3 Tag Editor (v.1)
Added: Option to use BuddyIcon on Tab
Changed: Shortened the Menu - Relocated Items
Added: Option to Pick which version of AOL to load (Multi-AOL Systems)
Why such a version change? A LOT of beta testing went on between 4.1.9 and 4.3.2. Adding Buddy Icons on the tabs wasn't so easy, and the playlist was being funny. I explored a lot of new options and increased the speed of the program so fast I had to slow it down because of AOL.

4.1.9 Differences Include:
Fixes for Window Sizing on AOL8

4.1.5 Differences Include:
New Section: Aim Blacklisting/Whitelisting
Moved: About to Options Window
Modified AutoAnswer format
Added Auto-Load of AOL if it isn't loaded
Added option to change Background image

4.0.85 Differences include:
New option: Disable AIM AutoReply
Removed Option: Color Control for Background
Fixed: Profile Option in Member Options
Added: Link in the More Info button to MP3 Patch

4.0.7 Differences include:
Fixed functionality for AOL7
Auto Answer Fixed for AOL 6 and 7
New Graphical splash page
Minor fix to the Log Feature

I have also reinstated the Wavy Function. It's under Shortcut Options/Wavy IMs. This feature resets itself every time the program is run. If you have any questions as for what Wavy does, Turn it on and IM someone.

For those of you who don't like Trinity as the background, simply name a picture imback.jpg and place it in the same directory as the IM Manager. You will have to restart the IM Manager for the change to take effect.


This program does have to be registered. There is a two week period that you may use as a trial period. The only limitation is that you can't have more than three IMs going at one time in the program. After the two week period, the program will only bring up the registration screen. You can't set the date back. Uninstalling does nothing, either. It's a one time charge of $10. There are several ways to pay, but the easiest and quickest is through my current credit card program. It's easy to use, and reccomendable to family and friends. I am using PayPal. To register the program, simply follow the instructions listed here. If you wish not to pay by credit card, email me for other options.


There is now a help site for the IM Manager. It describes all the functions with screen shots. It can be found at
I still need to update it to the new options window
Some people have been telling me about their Wavs and MP3s not working. If you are on Windows NT or 2000, they will not work. If you are on 95, 95, 98SE, or ME, download this patch.


There are 2 options for download. You have the smaller download file which is an update. Or you can choose the larger file which is best for fresh installs. If you choose to download and install the large download even if you already have the program installed, it will reset the location, color schemes, and most of the options.
Small Download - 319KB
Large Download - 1.46MB

I am now using Nullsoft's SuperPIMP install system. It has proved to be a better install, and a smaller file. So the update is now just an update. Just a replacement EXE file. The large download is a replacement for all the files the IM Manager uses.

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