John F. Kennedy, Jr.
November 25, 1960 - July 16, 1999

I saw her coming towards me, as I entered Heaven's gate,
And in that famous whisper heard, "Hello John, where's your mate?"
She'll be along with Lauren, they're inseparable you know,
And though she loves me dearly, it's that "Sister Thing" that shows.
She deplored the famous person that our marriage made her be,
So Mother will you shield her like you used to do for me?
You were Mother and First Lady, Father's Soul-Mate all in one,
Yet in our Secret Service World, we were "Kids"; you made it fun.
You'll find our family all around, mixed in with all the rest,
We need no Secret Service here, we are the Master's guests.
Your sister's all alone now John, she needed you so much,
But God will stand beside her, give her life a special touch.
The world still ponders how we stood, these tragedies so long,
It's because God gives the greatest load, to the children who are strong.
Your father thought for certain, his mantle you would wear,
Because his blood flowed through your veins, his dreams you'd bring to bear.
We could see it all unfolding, it was a perfect plan,
But somehow that was not to be, those earthly plans of man.
You stood so tall above the rest, but never once looked down,
But rather walked beside them, where life and love abound.
The nation mourns your passing, John, it's hard for them to see.
Why you were taken from them, they ask how can this be?
You were their Prince of Camelot, you were surely next in line,
Their plans for you were waiting, on the drawing board of time.
The world is saddened over you, their grief shows once again,
They mourn not only what you were, but what you could have been.
I pray that you'll remember, as the days fade into years,
How I loved my life on Earth with you, our life, our laughs, our tears.
Please take good care of Caroline, give her space, and let her be
The person that she chooses, will you please do that for me?
For I'm not there to shield her and protect her from the harms
That often come to Sisters, if they don't have brother's arms.
And Mother will teach me, that salute just one more time,
For I see the Master coming and the honor is all mine!

Author unknown
(thank you whoever you are for such a wonderful poem of tribute)

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