The Humor of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

JFK Jr., who as a kid once entertained the grown-ups by wearing a basket on his head, never let fame go to his head. He handled all the media attention with a pinch of humor.

Facing the cameras once, he announced to his wife: "I'm trying to pinch your butt."

He began one speech by pointing out a somewhat racy billboard behind him to the audience.

"It's difficult to stand before you fully clothed and compete for your attention with seven people in their underwear," he said, adding, "We'll do our best."

But even scantily clad models on an underwear billboard were no competition for "the hunk."

And no son of a president can be accused of taking himself too seriously when he poses semi-nude in his own political magazine, George.

Even when JFK Jr. failed the bar exam, twice, his sense of humor never left him.

"Clearly not a measure of legal genius," he told reporters chasing him down the street for a reaction.

Who needs genius when you've got those Kennedy genes?

During a rare late night talk show appearance, JFK Jr. and Jerry Seinfeld chatted about a "Seinfeld" episode in which an actor played John.

The next day, when the real JFK JR. arrived in court as an assistant district attorney -- he was interrogated by a man on trial.

"The defendant is sitting there, and he says, 'you were on Seinfeld,'" JFK Jr. recalled. "And I say, no, no, no. And defendant leans over to his attorney and says, 'the guy's an actor, no wonder he failed the bar exam.'"

JFK Jr. always seemed bemused by the ruckus he caused. One time as he cycled the streets of New York, he shouted the warning, "don't fall" to a relentless photographer following him on in-line skates.

JFK Jr.'s humor was wry, dry and droll. After he managed to outwit the media and keep his wedding secret, he faced reporters who were hungry for details.

"There is one other wedding dress in the world exactly like my wife Carolyn's," he told them, adding, "I believe it's owned by Dennis Rodman."

The son of a president was both modest and self-deprecating when he was asked if he could see himself in elective office.

"Yeah, I can see myself lying on a beach in a hammock so I can see myself in elective office too," said the man who played in the White House as a child.

And what would JFK Jr. have said about the hoopla over his demise? Maybe he would have repeated what he said at other times when he was hounded by the media: "Slow news day, huh?"

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