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Please consider all of these as Royalty Free Copyrighted Animated Gifs for non-commercial use.

Also note this disclaimer:
Animations may not be resold, placed on any location where a membership or entrance fee is required to access them, or used on commercial/business web sites (including intranet and extranet sites) without the knowledge and prior permission of the artist.

I am not an artist. I can't even draw attention. Not one of these are my creation. What I am is a collector. I have these graphics here because I think they are neat and should be a part in every HTML page on the 'net. The technology being used is a great step forward from the drab 2-dimentional page. I'm also told that the latest Netscape rip-off from Microslush will handle these as well.

These are Animated graphics 'borrowed' from all over the internet, mostly from right here on Geocities. There are around 10-12 per page, so take your time. I don't know who did these, but most I have seen on many pages. I just wanted to place them in one spot for all. Many of these will run real slow here, because of the number of graphics on the page at one time.

If it's your graphic (you made it), drop me an email so I can give you credit! You really deserve it!

Check out the newsgroup if your provider has added it. If they have not added it yet - Tell them to do so!

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These graphics come directly from our newsgroup


Do not link to these graphics, they will be moved around, renamed, and even removed without notice. Bookmarks to this webpage are fine.

A total of 222 graphics are on display here

Page 01 Happy email, Small email envelope, 'Mail' circle the 'e', Line - Frog eats envelope, email into envelope, Mail Box opens, Red Mail Box, email - flying envelope, letter folds up and flys away, Mail going into slot

Page 02 Morphing envelope, letter signs itself and folds up, spinning '@' sign, pen writes 'e-mail', Small oval Button, Mailbox opens and scares bird, '@email' spins, 'email' spins, very small envelope with wings, 'Email' in flashing Neon

Page 03 small flame, small Fire and explosion, Firework Flash, Red/White/Blue Fireworks, Small Globe, blue Earth spining, Arrow Circles Globe, Left arm flexing, Right arm flexing, Fist punch and grab

Page 04 Spinning 'Metallica' star, small white flashing star, Sparkle, 'atom'-like image, small flashy star, Spinning blue star, Spinning Gold Star, Small circling gold star, 2 spinning red rings., Small bomb goes 'pow', ball rolls in and out of pipe

Page 05 Pulsing Arrow, small white line/button, red right arrow, Bouncy Blue Right Arrow, Arrow going down and to the Left, Rainbow Left Arrow, Rainbow Right Arrow, a 'back' arrow, Arrow from left into door, Arrow from right into door

Page 06 Red Bead not animated (Goes with the next line), Line - Red Bead rolls right, Line - light plugs itself in, Line - Blue globes going left and right, Line - Bomb with big flash, Line - Bomb with 'kaboom', Line - Dog Running, Line - Drip along line, Line - Blue energy bolt, Line - Heartbeat signal, Line - 'Kitt'-like green light, Line - Train

Page 07 Line - Rainbow colors, Line - pulsing colors, Line - another thin pulsing colors, Line - pulsing green on black, Line - R/Y/B bar, Line - with flashing dots, Line - Black bar with White dots, Line - Blue sparks flashes, Line - Blinking lights., Line - Blue/Green, Line - Green/Blue, Line - Pac-Man game

Page 08 Spining Compact Disc, Dolby Sound symbol, Bouncing Music Note, Small Dancing Music Note, Spinning Empty Film Reel, TV Screen with static., stereo headphones, Rolling movie film, small speaker symbol, Speaker with music notes #1, Speaker with music notes #2

Page 09 Sign 'Catch the wave', '.wav' on blue flag waving, Traffic light, Highway with traffic, Larger traffic light, small eyes, small eyes w/'Look', Blood-shot eyes, Eyeball peeking

Page 10 Waving US Flag (from White House page), small USA flag, USA shapped flag waiving, Flag waiving on pole, Ohio Flag on white background, Rebel Flag waving, British Flag on black background, National Flag of Mexico, Black/White Checkered Flag, check mark, a Warning '!' symbol, Moving Question Mark, Pencile writes an '!', Dollar Sign

Page 11 push pin, 'Push Pin' waving, 'Push-Pin' does hand-stands, Pin-man and Jackhammer, Spinning 'Hits' counter #1, Spinning 'Hits' counter #2, Yet another 'web' counter, 'You Are Visitor', word 'ANIMATION' dancing around, LED sign 'GIF89a Animation', Paint brush and can

Page 12 Spinning Smiley Face, Smiley face licking lips, Winky Smile, Smiley face sticks out tounge, Blinking Smiley Face, Cheshire Grin, Light bulb blinking, Spinning Green Monopoly House, Dancing man, Throbbing Heart, Saw Blade spinning

Page 13 Igloo Home, small round clock, Hourglass on black background, Top view of a Turning Screwhead, Tiny top view of a Turning Screwhead, Pages in book turn, football spins, Star Trek logbook, Star Trek emblem in oval spins, X-Files logo, arrows going in circle

Page 14 No Frames used here, Recycle symbol, 'Free Speech' Ribbon., Free speech fireworks, Windows 95 Logo, Single Ring Spining (Sound Ring), ever changing 'feedback', 'FAQ' spins, 'Sign in Please' banner, 'Download Now' sign

Page 15 Flashing 'NEW', Shaking 'NEW', 'New Arrivals', Pencil writes 'NEW', floating balloons holding a 'new stuff' sign, colorful flashing 'new', small 'new' spinning around, 'Hot Links' Spinning, 'Come Back Soon' w/arrows, Spinning 'The End' Sign

Page 16 Links (Chain) button, 'Links' in chain spin downward, very small 'UPDATED', pulseing 'click here' button, 'Flash' button (non-repeater), 'What's Hot' comet, 'Next' swrilling, Button opens to 'Click to find out more', 'Free' Bouncing, 'Here' Flashing, 'Home' swrilling

Page 17 Flashing 'HOT', 'Hot' on fire, 'Hello' in script spins, 'Here' spins, Twrilling Chain, Purple/Green Ball, Bouncing Red Ball, Small color changing ball, Blue proton ball, Spinning Red ball with sunglasses, Bouncing Blue Ball on White background

Page 18 Tweety Bird, Hopping Rabbit, 7-up's pal dancing, cartoon devil blinks eyes, Daffy Duck, Worm pops out of hole and looks around, Bouncing Alarm Clock, Dancing Macaroni on black background, cartoon PC types on itself, Penguins on hooks

Page 19 'Welcome to my homepage' lite-brite style, 'Welcome' flowing in red and white, 'Welcome' sparkles, LED 'welcome', sparkling gold 'Welcome', 'Welcome' in flashing neon, Banner spells welcome, 'Welcome' unrolls, plane skywrites 'Welcome', Green 'welcome' rises up, 'Welcome' Swrills around

Page 20 Red 'Welcome' Spins vertical, swrilling 'welcome', neon 'Open Come-in' sign., 'Open 24-hours' sign, Line - Under Construction, Under Construction Button, construction sawhorse, construction Jackhammer, 'Under Construction' sign tears in half, 'Wet paint' sign, 'Renovating' sign being painted

Page 21 Cartoon face going through many emotions, Man Bowling a frame, Small boxing gloves hitting each other, Graphics Equalizer meter

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