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After a while... Version 2.2.78 got updated on August 11, 2003

A filter option is added, to remove points that are close to each other or points that are in line.

GaRoute will integrate with Kevin Millican's RealMaps! Both reading points and reading/writing waypoint (.TXT) files.

Note that you need v5.11 of RealMaps or newer, so get the latest version from Kevin's website

Now you can grab coordinates for GaRoute from ANY map you can lay your hands on (and scan or convert). This opens up sources of information beyond Street / City Maps and Route Planner of TomTom. Eg. you can use maps of countries not covered or with details not covered, like your local detailed maps, or your maritime maps.

Thanks Kevin, for the help getting the integration done.


Learn more here how I connected my Psion 5 with my Garmin II plus GPS receiver.

Travelling a lot...

Try to find an address in a town you've never visited before....

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I've put together a solution to this problem.... read on

Now I can type an address I want to find in my Psion 5 organizer....

....and have an real time arrow in front of me in the car on the Garmin GPS.

This will show both direction and distance toward my target address.

The solution involves StreetPlanner 99 and/or Route Planner from Palmtop, and a program I wrote myself: GaRoute.

You can download Garoute  from these pages.

You can mail me for a free trial license of GaRoute... Without registering the download options are limited, but you can obtain a license that removes all limitations for a limited period of time. If you like it, then you can register and obtain a perpetual license. Click here to connect to a secure server for registering GaRoute. The online registration fee is 28$


Click here for release notes.

new-burst.gif (720 bytes) Support for TomTom CityMaps
new-burst.gif (720 bytes) Support for TomTom Route Planner 3.0 
new-burst.gif (720 bytes) GaRoute will display an heads up graphical map. It automatically zooms in/out, sop you always see the next point to turn.



new-burst.gif (720 bytes) NMEA based MAP switching 
GaRoute Can determine whether it is in reach of a Street Planner map.
If so it will switch to the proper map and display
Street Planner. If not within the reach of a Street Planner
map it will switch to Route Planner.
new-burst.gif (720 bytes) Revo Open file dialog fixed, now capturing waypoints & Routes 
should work, though the screen resolution is also optimized.
Added TRACK and WAYPOINT altitude reading, for those GPS-es that support it.
Can beep when approaching a waypoint
This version supports PCX reading of track/route and waypoints
as well as writing them. This opens a large number of other
packages to exchange data with. Fugawi, Mapsource and many more.

Previous versions could already:

Read routes and waypoints from all versions of Route (1.4) and Street Planner. Both normal and Millennium.
Read Routes from both Route Planner (Minimal version EnRoute 1.4, both normal and Millennium) and Street Planner
Full support of the Garmin Capabilities Protocol. It means that GaRoute will interrogate your GPS and figure out the type of device and type of protocol flavours it support. This will allow me to talk to the newer devices like the eMap etc.
The waypoint, route and track transfer for the eMap is supported.
Communication is so reliable, that you can disconnect you cable while sending data to the GPS, reconnect again and nothing will be lost.
The dialog have been dramatically been improved, using the Neuon nMPD OPX.
You can synchronize the Psion time with the GPS time.
Store these routes as Route or Track in your GPS, ready for a goto or trackback
Read/Store/Write Waypoints from your GPS
Read/Store/Write Routes from your GPS
Read/Store/Write Tracks from your GPS
Read/Store/Write overlay files for Route & Street PLanner
Support English, German and Dutch user interface
Store information on the Psion  in standard DATA application

This version is published as shareware.

Connect Psion 5 to Garmin GPS

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