Boarder20's Picture Page

The picture above is a picture that my mother wanted me to have done. Just so she could say I'm am ANGEL!!   Ha Ha what does she know.

The picture above, in high school I got a lot of crap for. Just because of the fact that it promoted BEER, the beer case that I am leaning up against is an old-fashioned beer case of a local beer maker.

This pic was taken about middle of July '99. It was taken at my moms work on a computer cam there. I hope you like it, cause I don't

The picture above is kinda my trophy piture. I'm holding the snowboard I learned how to ride on, the skis are also mine, the metal was won the winter of '96, '97 for first place Finsh over-all for the year (skiing).

Sean and Joe

Click the pictures to see it enlarged. The picture is from the summer of '99  when me and my friend Joe just had a night of fun hanging out.

This is a really crapy picture of a guy that I work with

This Picture was taken in May when I went to Cali to help move my Brother and Family back to Wisconsin, from Left to Right, Jeremy, Jacub (Jeremy's son), and me

This is yet another picture from my trip to Cali this time just me and my nephew Jacub. He is the bigest doll you will ever meet in your life.

These pictures are from the end of school last year (1999) when I had to dress up for a mock interview, OH by the way I got a A on that interview, I guess I'm just that good of a BSer