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Boarder 20's HomePage

This Page is going to help you learn about this guy nicknamed Boarder 20. Well first this first the guy you may know as Boarder 20 his name really is Sean. There are some pics that he does have if you would like to see the please goto the Bottom of the page and click on Pictures.
Look at this STUD Damn!!! This a Sr. Picture from High School. This is the only picture His Mother really liked, just because it made him look so nice. :o)
Click here to see some old pictures of me.
Click here to check out information out about me.
These are some friends of mine. Some from on line and others that I acually know
Check out some information about the ski hill that I teach at. I have not yet finifshed this page but there is a link to the ski hills home page.
Could you please sign my Guest book PLEASE!!!! it is up above. Thanks
Last updated, March 27, 2000
My Story page, I wrote this page when I was in high school..