Boarder 20's Bio Page

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Name: Sean (last name, you'll have to ask about that one)

Living now
: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Birth Place
: Fresno, California

:  Male (deprived)

: 20, February, 15 1979  (that would make me 21) I was born 53 mins. after Valentine's Day

Things I like to do
: Snowboarding, in-line skating, skiing, just about all sports, shopping (yes I said shopping) singing, dancing, hanging out with friends, parting, meeting new paople, making people laugh, and making my self look like an ass every once in a while.

: CVTC, Chippewa Valley Technical College, I'm majoring in Net working Specialist. Currently I'm not going to CVTC. Either I'm too smart or the clesses are too easy. Maybe I'm just a smart ass I dunno.

: My Mother and Father's names are Art, and Pat. I have two older Brothers, and there names are Jeremy who is 23, and Art #2 who is 27. I also have two sister-in-laws. I do have a half brother that I never see and his name is Shawn, the name thing is a long story. I have 3 nephews that I love very much and two nieces that are living in Gremany that I don't see very much, but I love them just as much.

Dream: My dream is to one day have my own night club, that my friends and I will run. This way I can help friends make a living and see them all the tim

If you have any Question about me you can always ask, I'm very easy to talk to so please just ask.

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