We have two robots built. I am sorry to say that our first prototype is no longer functioning, but it is not beyond repair. We doubt it will get repaired though since it runs on an old version of the Marvin Operating System (called Dayla). This robot was entered into the 1998 IEEE Region 2 Hardware Competition and won second place.
The second robot is still fully functioning. It can be pre-programmed to follow a course on an optical grid or be controlled directly by a serial link (we have a program to control it using a joystick). This robot was entered into the 1999 IEEE Region 2 Hardware Competition and won first place. Information on these robots can be found in our showcase.

Details for the competition can be found here.


We are hacking the ever-powerful TI92 (also called "Gawd" by the team) so that not only will it give us an A in Calculus, but it will also be a robot! It is run using Fargo, assembly support for the TI92. We use direct bus access to the TI92, and we use our own memory-mapped I/O ports. Every unit that will plug into the robot (i.e. a laser gun, or a navigation device) will be "Plug-N-Play," automatically run by the software in the TI92's RAM or from EPROMS on the cards themselves..

What is the purpose of Marvin?

We are building Marvin for a number of reasons. First and most important, we all love what we do! We are doing this because it is fun. The main goal that we have for Marvin is to build a unit that is universal enough to complete tasks from carrying cargo to exploration to combat. (Can you imagine a TI92 exploring Mars or fighting in the next war?) We doubt that this will happen, but it is neat to think about. In the meantime, it will run errands around Geneva College. The unit that will be doing this is the prototype with added on units, such as a voice recorder.

I would also like to say a word about TI. TI has donated 4 TI92's to this project. This proves that TI's focus is not money, but education and the customer. Besides, just look at the quality of the TI92! I must say for the price they are sold for, the customer gets a lot. (Please DO NOT ask for information on getting free TI calculators, and PLEASE do not ask TI for free calculators!!! Please do not abuse their kindness to us!!!)

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