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Untouched TI92 board

Team at work

Still at work

What we do in our spare time

TI92's data and address busses are wired

Closeup of wired rom slot

I/O port, 16 bits of latch memory

TI92 wired to I/O port, and still running! I/O is not active yet

Lights in the middle were turned on by software!

Lights in the middle were turned off by software!

Josh sanding the playing board

Vader building Marvin

Group shot!


The arena

Marvin (completed!) and the router board. It works!

For pictures of completed prototype, visit our "showcase"

Marvin Mainboard Back

Marvin Mainboard Front

R/W I/O port,flawless

External ROM TI92 running a Marvin Unit

For pictures of our second completed prototype, visit our "showcase"

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