There are al least two different TI92 boards. I am trying to collect as much data about both of them as I can, but it will take time. This is what I have now:
Here is a 2MB JPG file of the more common TI92 board at 600 DPI. I suggest right clicking to download this picture. (Select "save target as...")

The CPU emulates a Motorola 68000 Processor. It is a Motorola SC414181FG16, and it has 100 pins. I am sorry to say that there are no data sheets available to the public. Some of the pins have been mapped, and the pinout can be found here.

Memory mapped I/O has been achieved by soldering to the extra memory slot on the TI92's board and to the ROM module slot. A pinout of the ROM slot can be found at Jean-Jacques MICHEL's page which used to be found here, but seems to have disappeared. A text version can be found here.

A good port expander (not sure if it is 100% compatible with MARVIN, we are working on it) can be found at DBA along with som VERY cool TI92, TI92 Plus and TI89 utilities.

A pinout of the SONY SRAM can be found here. (pdf)

A pinout of the TOSHIBA SRAM used to be found here. If you want to look for it at Toshiba's site, feel free but I have not found it once they moved it and I don't have time to look longer. Besides, the pinout is the same as Sony's chip.

U11 is a simple AND gate. It's function is to address the ROM module at both 0x400000 AND 0x200000, since it is not there on calcs with an internal ROM. It's pinout is here. (pdf)

The internal ROM chip is labeled:
You can see the pinout of this chip here.

I do not have the pinouts of screen driver chips. At this rate I never will have the time to find them unless I have a need to. If you have them, please let me know!

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