Here are the pinouts for the TI92-to-Marvin Core (port expander) and the card slot for the cards that Marvin (the 1999 and 2000 prototypes) uses. These are OLDER versions of the pinouts, but they are still mostly the same. They will be updated SOON.

The port expander uses two 25-pin connectors. The MALE connectors are attached to the TI92 and the FEMALE connectors are attached to the Marvin unit. The pinouts given are as seen when you look DOWN ONTO THE FEMALE CONNECTOR. These connectors are positioned about an inch apart with the address connector on the left. A better description will be given when the pinouts are updated.

Several other devices can be attached to the TI92 (schematics will be posted later) such as an oscilliscope and a 8-bit sound card (D-A device). Both of these devices are VERY CHEAP and easy to build. Here are the pinouts of the connectors. The Marvin Team is working to make this a standard port expander pinout for many devices produced by many people. Feel free to use it AFTER it is updated!!!


The card slot is most definately proprietary. It is a 43-pin long double-sided card-edge connector. We do not suggest you try to make your device standard by using this slot. The Marvin Team will be developing another slot in the near future using standard parts available from Mouser.

CARD SLOT (link not active due to competition, available upon request)

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