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The Smith and Sackett Line:

The Smith surname doesn't reach back very far in my line, so, if you're looking for links to the Smiths of yore, you will be disappointed.  However, there is quite a bit here regarding the Coon (Kuhn), Gardner (Gardiner), Utter and Watson surnames, with all lines reaching back to colonial America.  My paternal grandfather's biological father's surname was Coon, and his step-father's name was John C. Schmidt.  (I do not know why my grandfather's name was changed to Smith).  My grandfather, Carl Frederick Smith (Born: September 6, 1900, Died: January 3, 1975) was a furrier and antique dealer in Rochester, NY., and the husband of Marjorie Olive Bender.  They had three children: Ronald, Bradley, and Roger.  The 1937 diaries of Carl and Marjorie Smith offer an account of their early married life.  Carl was the son of Claude S. Coon (Born: October 3,1882, Died: 1956) and Matilda Sackett Born: April 20 1881, Died: 1918).  Matilda died relatively young, when Carl was 18 years old. She is buried at Pittsford Cemetery in Pittsford, NY.  Matilda's parents were Johanna Peglow, (Born: 1858, Died: April 12, 1938), and Fred Sackett (Born: 1849, Died: 1914).  Claude married Esther Massacer (Born: 1885, Died: 1956) in 1904, and they eventually settled in Greece, Monroe Co., NY.  Claude found occupation as a painter, paper hanger and decorator; later securing a small farm and raising fruits and vegetables.  Claude and Esther are buried at the Quaker cemetery in Farmington, NY.

The Coon (Kuhn) Line:

Claude Coon's parents were Edwin S. Coon (Born: June 29, 1859, Died: 1943) and Eva S. Gardner (Born: Apr. 11,1860, Died: Nov. 21, 1922) of Farmington, Ontario Co., NY.  They were farmers, and eventually located to nearby Perinton, Monroe Co. NY, where Edwin is buried (Edwin Coon's grave).  Eva was a well-respected practical nurse and mid-wife in the Farmington area and is buried in the Quaker cemetery in Farmington.  (Refer to additional information on the Gardner line below).  Edwin's father was Edmond (Edward) Coon (Born: 1833, Died: June 21,1915).  Edmond was a Civil War veteran, serving with Company B of the 160th NY volunteers and later, serving as a cook, with the 20th Invalid Corps, which was composed of soldiers from various regiments who were unable to enter battle due to illness.  While serving with the 160th in Louisiana, Edmond was stricken with Typhoid fever, which was to affect him for the remainder of his life.  Edmond's Civil War Records are available here, as is information about his children.  Edmond married Elizabeth Snyder (Born: 1836, Ontario Co., NY, Died: January 5, 1912, Perinton, Monroe Co., NY; daughter of Sherwood and Sophia Snyder).  Edmond's parents were Valentine Coon and Sarah Warfield.  According to family legend, women from the Warfield family played an important role during the American Revolution, but I know nothing further about the Warfield line.  Valentine's father, Felda (Valentin) Coon purchased the area of Ontario County known as Hemlock Point, due to the many hemlock trees there.  In time, a hamlet sprung up, which was called Coonsville.  That town is now named Manchester, located a few miles east of the town of Farmington.  Felda (Born: August 4, 1767, Died: before 1840) was married to Margaretha.  Felda's parents were Johannes Herman Kuhn (Born: August 21, 1732) and Anna Catharine Kreiseler.  Johannes Herman probably lived on the old Coon farm near Elizaville.  Johannes Herman's parents were Valentin (Veltin) Kuhn (Born: about 1675-1689) and Anna Catharina Wies.  (For more information on the Wies line see below).  Valentin Kuhn was among the adult male Palatines of 1710, and a Palatine soldier from Annsberg.  He may have lived on or near the old Coon farm at Elizaville, NY.  He may also have lived at least for a time near Red Hook or Rhinebeck, NY.  Valentin's (Veltin's) parents were Samuel Kuhn, Sr. (Born about 1650-55, Died soon after September 6, 1712) and Catharina (Miller?).  They were about 55 - 60 years old when they reached America.  Samuel's parents were Hans Kuhn (born about 1629, died 1693) and Catharina (born about 1629, died 1679).  This ends what is known of the Coon/Kuhn line.

Anna Catharina Wies (baptized September 23, 1688) married Valentin Kuhn.  Anna's parents were Melchior Wies (baptized April 28, 1661) and Anna Margareth (whose father was Conrad Huffner of Hesseldorf).  Melchior Wies's parents were Jacob Wies (from Spielburg) and Catharina (died 1684).

Note: Excellent resources for the Palatine Coon/Kuhn lines can be found in "Koon And Coons Families of Eastern New York", compiled by William Solyman Coons, The Tuttle Publishing Co., Rutland, Vermont; and "The Palatine Families of New York" by Henry Z. Jones, Jr., Universal City, California.  Both books are highly recommended, and well worth searching for in libraries and genealogy bookstores.

The Gardner and Utter Line:

Eva S. Gardner (Born: April 11, 1860, Died: November 25, 1922) was the daughter of Thomas P. Gardner (Born: August 8, 1829, Died: August 12, 1883), a fruit farmer who later in life became a noted Veterinary surgeon; and Henrietta L. Robbins (Born: 1830, Died: Jan. 26, 1903).  Thomas was born in Farmington, NY, living in that area all of his life, and he was the youngest brother of renowned Quaker minister Sunderland P. Gardner, whose Memoirs are available on this web site.  Thomas and Henrietta are buried in the N. Farmington Friends Cemetery.  Their parents were Elisha Watson Gardner, Sr. (Born: May 8, 1777, Died: December 15, 1864), a farmer, born in South Kingston, Rhode Island, and Sarah Pattison (Born: July 8, 1785, Died: December 20, 1851), born in Armenia, Rensselaer Co. NY. Sarah's father was Sunderland Pattison (son of Thomas Pattison and Lady Sunderland), a tanner by trade who eventually took up farming; her mother was Sarah Utter.  Sarah Utter was abducted by Indians when a child, during the French and Indian War, and her mother and several siblings were killed in the same incident.  The story is related in great detail in The Wyoming Valley Massacre of 1757 and also (briefly) in Sunderland P. Gardner's memoirs.  Sarah Utter's parents were Abraham Utter II (Born: 1716, East Haven, Connecticut, Died: February 10, 1779, Armenia, N.Y.) and Sarah Mary (Died: 1768 in the Wyoming Valley Massacre).  Abraham II was the son of Abraham Utter (Born: about 1688, Stowe, Massachusetts, Died: 1761, East Haven, Connecticut) and Lydia Russell (Born: September 18, 1692, Stowe, Massachusetts, Died: August 21, 1750, Waterbury, Connecticut).  Lydia's father was Captain John Russell.  Abraham the elder's parents were Jabaz Utter (Born: about 1660, Westerly, RI, Died: 1727, Killingly, Connecticut) and Mary (Died: Feb. 13, 1729/30).  Jabaz was something of a rough-and-tumble rascal, and was in jail for horse-stealing at one time.  Jabaz's parents were Nicholas Mattson Utter (Born: 1630, Sweden, Died: 1722, Stonington, Connecticut) and Elizabeth (Born: about 1640, near Westerly, RI).  This ends what is known of my Utter lineage.

Elisha Watson Gardner Sr.'s parents were William Gardner (Born: August 1, 1744, Died: 1832), born in South Kingston, R. I., and Sarah Watson (Born: January 11, 1743/44 in Kingstown, R.I., Died: August 17, 1809).  (See information regarding the Watson line below).  William's father was John C. Gardner (Born: July 8, 1696 in South Kingston, R.I., Died: Aug. 1800).  John's parents were William Gardner (Born: 1671 in S. Kingston, R.I., Died: December 14, 1732) and Abigail Remington (Born: 1656, Died: 1744).  William's father was Benoni Gardiner (Born: 1627, Died: 1731, Kingston, RI) and Mary Stanton.  Benoni's parents were George Gardiner (Born: 1583, England, Died: 1677, English American Colonies).  William's mother was Herodias Long (Born in England, Died: 1722, Newport, Rhode Island).  There is a family tradition, asserted by both Sunderland P. Gardner and Charles H. Gardner in their respective genealogies, that Herodias was the sister of Mary Dyer, the famous Quaker martyr, but this is almost certainly one of those traditions that is more fancy than fact.  Regardless, Herodias was a victim of persecution for her Quaker beliefs, as described here, in Sunderland P. Gardner's memoirs.  This ends what is known of my Gardner lineage.

The Watson Line:

Sarah Watson's parents were Jeffrey Watson (Born: August 3, 1712, Died: May 10, 1784) and Bathsheba Smith (Born: April 7, 1710, Died: December 29, 1793 - daughter of John Smith, Jr. and Mercy Westcott).  They were married November 29, 1732.  Jeffrey was a Quaker, Justice of the Court of Common Pleas of King's Co., Rhode Island, from 1765-1768.  He was also a Justice of the Peace and Town Clerk of the Town of South Kingstown, RI from 1749-1753.  He kept a diary which includes this entry from March 6, 1781: "General (George) Washington rode by our house this day with about twenty soldiers for a guard."  Jeffrey was a farmer, owning over 500 acres.  He and his wife had twelve children; Hannah, Jeffrey, Elisha, Darcus (1), Marcy, Darcus (2), Sarah, William, Bathsheba (1), Bathsheba (2), John, and Elizabeth.

Jeffrey Watson's parents were John Watson (Born: July 22, 1676, Kingstown, RI, Died: about November 25, 1772, Kingstown, RI) and Hannah Champlin (Died: October 31, 1720), daughter of Jeffrey Champlin.  John Watson was a farmer and property owner, also serving as a member of the General Assembly.  According to "The Gardiners of Narragansett" John was known as a man of "more than an ordinary amount of good common sense."

John Watson's parents were John Watson (Born: 1646, England, Died: March 11, 1728/29) and Dorcas Gardiner (Born: 1656, Died: 1702 - daughter of George Gardiner and Herodias Long, see above).  As almost all colonists had to be at that time, John Watson was a farmer, and he was also very active in community affairs and posts, serving at different times as constable, member of the Town Council, and other positions.  It is thought that he may have came to the colonies from England about 1668.  John married three times, first to Dorcas Gardiner and then, after her death, to her sister Rebecca Gardiner.  After Rebecca's death he married Rebecca Wells.  John and Dorcas had six children: John, Samuel, William, Frances, Ann, and Herodias.

Note: Excellent resources for the Watson family are available from "The American Family of John Watson of the Narragansett Country Rhode Island" compiled by George C. Davis, Kingston, RI; and "The Diary of Jeffrey Watson" from the "Rhode Island Register, Volume 3, No. 1, July 1980," submitted by Marjorie W. Schunke.

Note: A special thank you to my late grandmother, Marjorie Smith, who gave me the genealogy "bug"; to my great-aunt Emily, who gave me much otherwise unobtainable information on the Coon line; to David Burnisky, who was able to steer me beyond my 3rd great-grandfather, Edmond Coon; and to Catharine Helck, who supplied me with encouragement and information on the Watson line.  Genealogy is always a team effort, and this has never been more true than with my research with my paternal line.

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