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Smitty's Genealogy:

Family Records and Documents

Baptismal and Birth Records Civil War Records Marriage Records and Announcements Memoirs, Journals, and Diaries Obituaries, Burial, and Death Notices Patents and Inventions

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Baptismal and Birth Records:

1. DeLong, Wilhelmina M., Baptismal Certificate May 27, 1882, St. Mary's of the Lake, Ontario, NY.

Civil War Records:

1. Coon, Pvt. Edmond, of the 160 NY Volunteers. Muster rolls and pension applications; also a photograph of Edmond Coon and a photograph of his grave in Egypt, NY.

2. Scantlin, Pvt. Daniel, of the 98th NY Volunteers. The complete pension records of Pvt. Scantlin, filed by his wife, Hannah.

Marriage Records and Announcements:

1. Marriage Certificate of Erving E. Bender and Wilhelmina DeLong. Dated July 24, 1901.

2. Marriage Announcement of Carl F. Smith and Marjorie O. Bender. September 21, 1921.

Memoirs, Journals and Diaries:

1. Gardner, Sunderland P. (Memoirs). 19th-century Quaker minister from Farmington, NY.

2. Smith,Carl and Marjorie (Diaries). The 1937 Diaries of my paternal grandparents, describing their hectic pace of running a furrier business, raising their 3 children, and recreation.

Obituaries, Burial and Death Notices:

1. Bender, DeVern (obituary), (b. Aug. 15, 1886, d. Jan. 13, 1978). Brother of Erving E. Bender.

2. Bender, Erving Edwin (obituary), (b. Sept. 24, 1876, d. May 26, 1944). Husband of Wilhelmina DeLong, father of Elsie, Marjorie, and Shirley Bender.

3. Carpenter, Captain Reuben S. (obituary), (b. October 1, 1821, d. June 27, 1898). "The Squire", Justice of the Peace, father of Clara Aldora Carpenter.

4. Coon, Claude S. (obituary), (b. October 3, 1882, d. February 6, 1956). Father of Carl F. Smith, Grace and Emily Coon.

5. Coon, Edmond (obituary), (b. 1833, d. June 21,1915). Civil War Veteran, Co. B, 160th NY Volunteers.

7. DeHond, Bartholomew, Sr. (obituary), (b. November 2, 1842, d. November 20, 1923). Immigrant from Netherlands, patriarch of DeHond and allied families in America.

8. DeLong, John (death notice and biography), (b. April 21, 1848, d. February 4, 1915). Immigrant from Belgium. Describes his accidental death; father of Wilhelmina (DeLong) Bender.

9. DeLong, John (burial certificate), (b. April 21, 1848, d. February 4, 1915).  Includes note written by his granddaughter, Marjorie (Bender) Smith.

10. Ferrage, Louise (obituary), (d. August 28, 1937). Mother of Wilhelmina (DeLong) Bender and wife of John DeLong and later, Louis DeNero.

6. Gardner, Eva S. (obituary), (b. April 11, 1860, d. November 25, 1922). Wife of Edwin S. Coon, mother of Claude S. Coon. Practical nurse, mid-wife, and Quaker from Farmington, NY.

12. Grasberger, Anna (obituary), (b. April 15,1872, d. June 17,1963). Wife of Edward Stephany, mother of Edna, Myrtle, and Alfred Stephany.

11. Peglow, Johanna (obituary), (b.1858, d. April 12,1938). Wife of Fred Sackett, mother of Matilda Sackett, grandmother of Carl F. Smith.

13. Stephany, Edward (obituary), (b. October 1870, d. August 31, 1960). Hardware store owner, tinsmith. Husband of Anna Grasberger, father of Edna, Myrtle and Alfred Stephany.

Patents and Inventions:

1. Patent of Bottle Closure Invention, by Edward Stephany, dated October 24, 1939.

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