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Button Bin Logo Hi and welcome to The Button Bin. This site offers free button graphics for your web pages. Over 1000 of them, in different styles and colors.

I only ask two things if you should decide to use any of the buttons here. The first is that you don't add any of my buttons to any galleries or collections, and second that you send me your URL so that I can check out what you have done. And although it isn't mandatory to add a link back to me, it sure would be nice.

All of the buttons here are broken down by style and then by color. Just click on the buttons to the left to be taken to the appropriate style. I do try to keep this site as organized as possible. I have kept from putting any graphics on the button pages so that the load time is cut down, with the exception of the pop-up. I had no choice on this.

If you are unsure as to how to save a graphic, right click on the button you choose, and then click "save picture as". Click on the "adding text" button on the left to learn how to place your text on your buttons using Paint Shop Pro.

Oh, and while you are here - don't forget to Sign or View My Guestbook. Compliments of Lpage.

Site Updated December 18, 2003

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