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This page is dedicated the few questions that people send to me. Check them out and if you have a question that is not answered here then please feel free post a message to my new FAQ Forum

What program do you use to place text on the buttons? - I use Paint Shop Pro version 5.0. It can be downloaded at Jasc's site.

Once I have downloaded Paint Shop Pro, how do I use it? - Somebody sent me the URL to a site that I found was the best place to learn some great tips for using PSP. You can go there by clicking here.

When I add the text to my buttons is there anything special I should do? - You should change the color amount on the image from 256 to 16 million. This way the text is not jagged. When finished, change the colors back to 256 and save as a .gif file or leave it at 16 million colors and save it as a .jpg image.

Should I include my e-mail address in any e-mail to you? - Yes. Please Do. I have gotten a few letters that I could not reply to because of an error in their return address. I always write back to everybody, so if you did not get a reply, it was because of failed mail. Please try again.

Updated Nov 22,1998

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