CrazyQuilt Thank-you Quilt Block by Elizabeth Wiegard

Block Made by Elizabeth Wiegard

My name is Elizabeth, and I am a Fibre Artist. I graduated from the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, at the age of 45. I was fulfilling a life-long dream of making it through college.

Getting into crazy quilting was a bi-product of my love for fabric and my passion for sewing. It also was born of my unbridled love of collecting every scrap of fabic -- every button -- every trim and piece of lace that I could get my hands on. It has been fun, and I have quite a collection to back up all the projects that I want to make.

Yes! I do have a family. I have a husband of 42 years and we have raised four boys -- who have put up with walking across floors, full of needles, pins, and bits of thread. We have a house full of animals now - that the boys are gone. We have three cats and two chihuahuas -- a house full -- reall full since we only have a little house.

I work with fabric because it was my first love. There is nothing that makes me any happier than to be in my studio working on something. What makes me feel good is imparting some of my knowledge to others so that the art of working with fibre, (needle work, lace making, etc...) goes on. It is important that it does not die out.


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