CrazyQuilt Thank-you Quilt Block by Dian Crayne

Block Made by Dian Crayne

I'm 55, retired, and live in a very rural part of Northern California. I learned to quilt two years ago, as a way of passing the long, rainy, days of winter. Since crazy quilts are "fancy work," rather than utility pieces, I like to think that that ladies who worked on them in the 1890s did so for the same reason. When all of the plain sewing was done, and the garden was gray and drenched with rain, they could work on their crazy quilts and bring a bright glow of color into their lives.

The quilt block which I contributed is made of recycled fabrics from the 1960s and 70s. I get a great deal of satisfaction in taking bits and scraps and making something new and pretty out of them. It's been a delight to me to find out that other women -- especially those in the Crazy Quilt list -- feel the same way. The list seems to me rather like an on-line quilting bee; a warm, cosy, place where we can gossip, trade hints and tips, and know that there are kindred souls sharing the same enthusiasms.

-- Dian Crayne

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