CrazyQuilt Thank-you Quilt Block by Dawn Smith

Block Made by Dawn Smith

July 1997

Dear Mike and Beth,

When I got the idea for the list back in December of 1996, I had no idea that it would become so important to so many people as it has. We have traded experiences, materials, and some have even met in person.

I have made many wonderful friends who have shared not only their knowledge of crazy quilting, but also their lives. I have participated in swaps for fabric, threads and embellishments allowing me to acquire items that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to work with. The list has motivated and inspired me to grow in my abilities. I have also enjoyed trading six inch squares like those we used to make this wall hanging.

I have been crazy quilting for just a little over a year. Thanks to the CrazyQuilt mailing list, I was motivated to learn how to put up a web page which has received over15,000 visitors allowing me to share my love of crazy quilting with others.

This wall hanging is to thank you for making the CrazyQuilt mailing list possible. We have been working on it since the middle of May, emailing back and forth off-list to keep it a surprise. It has been great fun to put together.

Thanks again,


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