Benefits of SAEA Membership
The Somali Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) is a professional society for those who have interest in the field of agricultural economics. It is a nonprofit organization aims at furthering and disseminating knowledge on economics of agriculture, forestry, fishery and other resources, agribusiness or rural and community development. Benefits of SAEA membership are:

    Keeping abreast with the latest agricultural economics research, development and policy issues.
    Establishing network with agricultural economists from universities, government, industry, NGO'S and other professional association in the field of research, education and extension.
    Attending SAEA - sponsored seminars, educational activates, workshop and the annual membership meeting.
Membership categories
An SAEA member is entitled to voting rights and full benefits of the association activities and publications. There are 3 types of memberships:  ordinary, associate and student.

Ordinary Member: An ordinary member shall be citizen of Somalia who is: 
(a) A graduate with formal training in agricultural economics or related subjects from a university or an institution of higher learning recognized by the Executive Committee of the Association; 
(b) A graduate who is involved in agricultural development activities acceptable to the Executive Committee of the Association.


 Associate Member:  An Associate member shall be: 
 a) A graduate whose formal training is not acceptable under (1) but whose interests/activities are acceptable and compatible to the objects of this Association; 
(b) A non-citizen of Somalia who satisfies the conditions stipulated as in (a) or (b).

Student Member:  A Student Member shall be a person pursuing an academic program in agricultural economics or related program at a local or overseas university/college


Membership Application
Anyone interested to become a member of the SAEA can apply through SAEA Membership Application