One Life To Live stars who've come and gone, but are still remembered.

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Character: Jared Hall

In February 2000, Herve Cermont had joined the cast of OLTL as assistant D.A. Jared Hall, grandson of Capt. Ed Hall. Apparently, the character Jared didnít work out as OLTL had hoped, so they let Herve go. The actor last aired in May 2000. The role of Jared will not be recast.

Character: Tea Delgado

Florencia Lozano originated the role of Tea Delgado on 1997. Her last airdate was March 2, 2000. Tea decided to leace town with her ex-husband Todd Manning (Roger Howarth). For more infromation on Florencia Lozano, see her past cast page.

Character: Mel Hayes

Markle raves enthusiastic about writing and writers. "My father had volumes of books, and so do I. He gave me the bug. People like John O'Hara, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Robert Lowell were my heroes. To write a book like John Updike's Rabbit at Rest, well, it's the perfect book. You talk about achievement. Writers do put their quart of blood into it. But the idea that some 15-year-old in Oregon can pull a book out of the library at any time and have it change his or her life, just blows me away. There's nothing more satisfying then that, I imagine." -from Soap Opera Weekly

Character: Grace Davidson

Susan Minser came to town as Grace with her grandpa Hugo. Both of them planned to get revenge against Ben, whom she was told was responsible for her father's death. After month's of tension, it turned out that Grace was the lost Davidson sister, Maisie. Grace and Kevin soon fell in love and got engaged. To break-up the engagement, Asa dug up some dirt on her. After a confrontation in the boathouse with Asa, Grace found she was locked inside. In the end, she drowned. Susan's last airdate was November 4, 1999.

Susan Minser photo from Susan Minser Online.

Character: Dorian Cramer Lord Hayes

Robin Strasser first began playing the role of Dorian on 1979-1987, then reprised it 1992. Her last airdate was February 23, 2000. Dorian left town to be with Drake Faraday (Leigh McCloskey) so they could travel around the world together. For more information on Robin Strasser, see her past cast page.

Character: Dr. Colin MacIver

Ty Treadway originated the role of womanizer Dr. Colin MacIver on May 10, 2000. After months of Colin causing trouble for the citizens of Llanview, Ty Treadway was let go from the show on February 9, 2001, after his character disappeared mysteriously, and eventually turned up dead. For more info on Ty, visit his past cast page.


For more pictures on the ex-cast, visit the Past Cast Gallery.

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