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Hey there,thanks for dropping by. If you've been here before and back for an update, you're probably thinking what the heck happened?

Reason being I've been getting sick of my old sofa and the paint on the wall,the roof has been leaking...the pipes under the sink are bursting...so this is it...the moment you've been waiting for uh?? =P Finally I'm getting my butt off the floor and do something.

This homey place of mine is getting a facelift soon, so that's probably what will keep me on my fingers and toes for the next couple of weeks..months..??

A jaw gaping thanks to those who have dropped by and bestowed your website awards to me.You can rest assured I won't throw that out. I will still continue to hand out mine so keep your award requests coming in.

One more thing,many of you have requested that I put a face to my profile..so I did...so guess now which gal am I in the pix.Not that it's anything good to look at, but I do reckon it'll do me some good by scaring off my landlord...and the money I save on my rent will definitely come in handy.

Watch this space

I have removed my brain times for maintenance since 7th of June 1997.

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