It's Pouring 
Tuesday, March 12, 2002
Suburbia, California 


When it rains, it pours.

B's call came when we were up in Big Bear.  Hours later, when we were back in the flatlands, we received word from J that our civic club friend, K *, had a seizure.  To and fro as we are, we are not the easiest to get hold of, so thank goodness for J's email and we were able to immediately dispatch our prayers for K. 

* I shall use initials to preserve others' privacy.

All day, K's mysterious seizure weighed heavily on my mind.  K is one of our hardest-working and most revered kupuna (elders), a kanaka makua, in seemingly excellent health at the installation luncheon.  K and his wife, K, are among the richest people on Earth; their wealth in Aloha, respect and admiration, friendships, and blessings is overflowingly prodigious.

What a relief it was to receive this email from K's wife:

Aloha Kakou,

Update: K has a tangerine size mass -- "tumor or whatever" -- in his right frontal lobe - if one had to have a mass, it's better at this location that in back of his brain.  However, a biopsy is imperative and he will have a repeat MRI tomorrow afternoon followed by a craniotomy: a window cut into his skull and a small tissue sample taken.  

He has been running a fever since the seizure incident, this mass may be an abscess, if so the abscess will be drained and bone flap returned and scalp sutured and he'll have a headache for a day or so....he is now in cardiac ICU for close monitoring for surgery, then returned to neuro ICU.  We've been pleased with his caregivers, he has a panel of five physicians, and we are overwhelmed by friends and prayers

Ke Akua has blessed us with so many gifts.  We just ask for one more, that he blesses the hands that perform the surgery....K is better, carrying on conversations throughout this evening, less restless and now seems in control of the situation.  Even asked about the meeting and our school project. So we will have to wait another day till we know just what to expect.  

Mahalo for all of your calls, prayers and well wishes....mahalo for Js new electronic phone tree...what a blessing it is to let all of our friends know instantly what's happening.

Please remember Maile in your prayers, along with Richard whose cancer has extended to his bones.  May Ke Akua Bless and Keep YOU and your `ohana well and in good spirits....we will be in touch!  

"The Fragrance", The Boys, Dad "resting from his holoholo with J", and K, "awake and ready for whateva comes!" 

What a beautiful and thoughtful note, full of bravery, cheer, mahalo, Aloha, and concern for others.  I shall include Maile and Richard in my prayers.  I know who Maile is and I don't know who Richard is, but I shall include them in my prayers. God knows who they are...

"If the sun smiles upon a rain shower, a rainbow appears.
Without challenges, there would be no triumphs."

To those following this online saga, please keep B in your prayers, as well as adding K to them.  God know who they are.  Mahalo.


Update on yesterday's entry:

"There's proof that I do have a brain," B joked, as I looked at her CAT scans. "See, it's not at all empty inside."

"Heh," I thought, as I smiled back, impressed with her humor.  "And that out of the mouth of one of the most intelligent persons I know.  She gets the Self-Deprecation Award for the day."

As I held the CAT scans to the light, lo and behold,  I spotted that nut-sized tumor, plain as day.  It  was a surreal experience. Not at all sinister-looking, it was nestled snugly against the left lateral wall of her cranium. B will be going in for an MRI tomorrow (the testing center postponed it for a day), and I will be with her in my mind, heart, spirit and prayers.  

I will bathe her in angel light.


Other than a colleague's husband's bout with and recovery from brain cancer over fifteen years ago, I haven't personally known of any one with primary brain lesions.  In ONE day -- actually in the space of hours -- I now have two friends with them: B and K. 

I will keep my thoughts positive and my trust intact.  I grew up in one of the rainiest places on Earth, and we considered rain as a fortuitous blessing from God.  We Hawai`i folks even refer to our rain as "liquid sunshine."

Henceforth, I am thinking of this rain of synchronistic events as blessings. It may be raining, and I trust it is Heaven pouring down its blessings.

I will look for rainbows.

"Without rain, there would be no rainbows."

"Life is a Gift."

Me ke Aloha, 
Author Unknown

 "The only gift is a portion of thyself..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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