Giant Rock
Spy Mountain, Landers, CA

Monday,  October 15, 2001


This rock is COLOSSAL!  

As we drove up to it, we were in awe.  23,000 tons in a single rock will duly impress you. I would hate to be this rock's Sisyphus.

Background info: Giant Rock is the world's largest free-standing boulder in the world. Located next to Spy Mountain in Landers, California, just three miles away by dirt roads from The Integratron, this stony behemoth is seven stories high and covers 5800 square feet. 

Click here for one heck of a gorgeous photo of Giant Rock, my compliments to the photographer.  A Scavullo-like glamour shot, this idealized view is as I'd like to see it in my mind's eye.  The "reality" shot, however, is sadly not so pretty.  

For those who are wondering,  "But isn't  Ayers Rock in Australia the biggest?  That's another huge rock, but it is not free standing.  A sedimentary rock, Ayers is partially, if not mostly, buried.  

According to one source, "geologists consider Giant Rock to be an "erratic" deposited during the last Ice Age." It is  estimated to be 65 and 135 million years old.  

The same source reports tht the indigenous Chemehuevi people believe that their ancestors witnessed the rock's arrival. They say it drifted down from a clear blue sky as slowly and as lightly as a soap bubble.

When the rock split in February, 2000, its interior was discovered to be gleaming white granite. 

Click here for a photo and here for the intriguing story of the rock's split.



As we drove closer, we were more and more dismayed by the second. We'd been warned that it was horribly graffiti'd, but no one could have prepared us for the extent of it -- for the desecration.

Respecting the privacy of the campers on the backside,  we pulled over to the split side of the rock, got out, and walked up to it.  The area around the rock was trashed with beer cans, broken glass and litter.  

What a mess!

The taggers have been overly busy with their spray paint cans, and the Giant Rock's skin is covered with what looks like the gaudiest and crudest of amateur tattoos.  The once pure white, gleaming surfaces of the split rock's interiors are emblazoned with a huge swastika, miscellaneous names, obscene words, and the kind of graffiti seen on railroad boxcars. 

Momentarily, I felt a deep sense of embarrassment for the rock and for those who would deface it. I hurt for both.  How could they not see, not sense the Giant Rock's sacredness as a masterpiece of God?

Rather than yielding to despair, I recall: 

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."


Here's what the native peoples have to say about the desecration:

For thousands of years, it was prophesied that just before the end of this age a giant rock that lives in Joshua Tree National Forest in California would split in two. This rock, which is the largest free-standing boulder in the world, is so sacred that only the chief of the tribe was allowed within one mile of it. And indeed the rock did crack into two pieces which to our people represents the arms of the
Mother opening wide to receive her children. 

But within a few days of this wondrous event, someone had painted vulgar words on it and had burned large objects on the flat face of the rock. Just as with the murder of the 4th white buffalo in South Dakota, there are those forces so afraid of what the new world will bring they will do anything to maintain this current system which is ruled by greed and fear. But nothing will stop the Great Shift. The sad thing is that not all will undergo the change. 

The Ancestors are calling us back to our
traditional understanding. The ways have been preserved by the Indigenous people and are being brought back at this time. It only takes a small percentage of people to being forth this great and wonderful shift of consciousness and we are almost there. If you are being called to a new understanding, don't be afraid. There are those who will help you and show you the path. For like the lowly caterpillar who emerges
from the cocoon with beautiful wings and bright colors, so too, will we. 
~ Source


As we were preparing to have a tailgate lunch, the local bees let us know that they were forcing their company on us, like it or not.  We declined, packed up and drove to the back of Spy Mountain to have lunch in the cab. The view there was beautiful.  Pristine.

Bees love me.  You've heard of a bee line?  Well, in the past, three have made that trek, straight to me. I thought it prudent to stay inside, while DH climbed up Crystal Hill.  In the mountains, we live near a huge dome of quartz crystal, located at a solitary, wind-swept, and peaceful site. It is one of my most favorite places on Earth. We felt like we were visiting its sister.  


We headed back to Giant Rock. As we drove around it, we saw a boy casually urinating -- out in the open -- on one of the guard rocks that sit alongside Giant Rock.  Again, I was disbelieving. 

The bees had gone home, and we got out to visit and pay our respects.  I searched for a place on the rock that had not been spray-painted, put my hand on it, caressed it,  thanked God for it being there for us, passed on my love, and allowed it to return its love and wisdom, if it wished. 

Yes, I believe in the divinity in Nature.  Nature is God's work.  And this was one big hunk of divinity, believe me. Like people, it's not what's on the outside that counts, and I was able to go beyond its tawdry, human-painted exterior.   

In this case, ugliness is only skin deep.



From what I have read online since our visit, I have learned that New Agers have embraced this rock and written extensively about it. There are updates on the rock, as well as sacred legends, folklore, prophesy, flights of fancy, speculations, and personal experiences.  

These online articles make for interesting reading, and each should ascertain for him/herself what substance and value these articles hold for them:

Just in case you're wondering: I am not a New Ager.  I am an Old Ager. My spirituality is directly handed down to me by my grandmother, her parents and their parents, who survived the persecutions of the hidden Christians of Japan, and, perhaps, as I learned a few years ago when I visited her homeland, their very ancient ancestors. My spirituality is as old as the genetic templates that have been passed down to me over the ages.

I keep an open mind.  I won't glom all New Agers together. Always, there will be lemmings in any spiritual movement, and yes, I have been amused and bemused by the faddishness and superficiality. And in any movement, there are those sincere seekers who study in depth and walk the talk; I have met enough of them to stay open.

I believe in the preservation of sacred places, anywhere. Particularly in my homeland of Hawai`i, while there are New Agers who are respectful and reverent, there are also those who, without permission, trespass, trample, and take from the land

In particular, I object to the superimposition of New Age practices on the indigenous spiritual teachings. Some, with regrettably blind missionary zeal, have twisted native teachings to fit their own spiritual agendas, thereby tainting and adulterating the original teachings and practices.

As you can see, I have lots of baggage, lots and lots, and I'm working on effortless openmindedness and forgiveness. ;)

Next time, I'm bringing some work gloves and a bunch of trash bags.  I will do my part to pay it  homage by helping to clean up its environs.  

I invite you to do the same.


To Be Continued


"Life is a Gift."

Author Unknown


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