My Three Sons
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Thursday, October 18, 2001


Shar and Vern just got back from Hawai`i, and yesterday, Shar was at the office with a gold-wrapped  box of dipped  shortbread cookies from Hilo's Big Island Candies for DH and me.  

Shortbread cookies are our favorites, but a cookie apiece goes a long way for us. I knew if I brought the box home, the cookies would likely go stale.

When I arrived at the office this morning, the first order of business was to divide up the cookies, put them into white paper packages, and scribble this message: Please take these home for your family to enjoy. These are from S&V U."

I passed out the packages, and was surprised that there was an extra package of cookies.  It sat on my desk all morning. 



The angels  must have known Jenn was coming over to visit. So when Jenn showed up -- out of the blue -- at noon, I knew the extra bag of cookies was meant for her and her boys. In her arms was her newest son, Kev.  I was meeting him for the first time. 

What a sweet and joyful bouncing baby boy! 

Jenn said she was initially disappointed with the males-only -- "My Three Sons" --- outcome. She quickly got over it. Watching Jen interacting with Kev with a loving gaze and, knowing the powder-puff, goodhearted person she is, I know Kev is going to be very much loved.  

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Kevin is exactly meant to be here as the third son. For his baby gift, we are getting him his very own photo album. This third son will have his infant and toddler snapshots in his very own album.

It's amazing what a cursory search of the Net will yield. According this article on Folk Wisdom, if Jenn & Rob decide to try again  for that  baby girl, Rob needs tidy whities, Jenn should be having more chocolates, and both should be eating more veggies.  And here's what the scientists say.



Miscellaneous Streaming:

Francis and I were discussing smoking cancer sticks.  He has been trying so hard to quit, but just can't seem to give it up.  His chest has been hurting lately, and he feels short of breath.  He's scared.  

I shared with him how DH and I once (foolishly) smoked, and how a cadaver gave me the gift of resolve and we were both able to quit. I also reminded him that Kristin would kill him, if he died of lung cancer.

I hope he will make the call to 1-800-NOBUTTS. I'm praying with him that he will quit. It's a tough habit to kick.


Shaq Magic and I had lunch.  He is loving his computer classes, in stark contrast to six months ago, when he was totally discouraged.  We've know each other for more than ten years, when he was working at Nordstrom's and driving his red Mustang.  Today, he showed me his two week old, black Lexus SUV.  

Cia thinks he's "kinda flaky."  I think I know how that's possible. I thought so, too, at first.  These days, I see a young man, who is finding his way, learning slowly but surely, about integrity and respect, intrinsic values, and earned skills.  

Shaq admires his 55 year old apple-growing father in Washington state; I've never met his father, but I admire him, too.  He has done a fine job of being a single parent of a son, who will soon find his own intrinsic value, self-respect, and honesty, God willing.

Today, we were gifted -- out of the blue --  with not one, but two huge, silver  Panasonic TVs with built-in VCRs and DVDs.  

Pennies from Heaven? No, we get TVs.  Our Hawaii video tapes that we play in the office have never looked so good.

I've never had a DVD experience, and Doni says he'll be bringing one in so I can view it on one of these TVs.

Thedean O told me that Steph O, her daughter, is ready to come back from college in Hawai`i.  I told  her that no doubt she's missing her mother, who is also her best friend, during the most stressful time in the history of humankind.  

I told her to tell Steph that, according to one news report, Canada and Hawai`i are considered to be two of the safest (from terrorism) places.  Hopefully, Steph will stick it out for a semester.

I met a pint-sized genius today.  Doris Firstgarden's six year old son. Already speaking in complicated scientific jargon, he must have an IQ of at least 222.

I asked what he'd like to be when he's done with school.  First, he said, "Scientist."  Then he said, "I take that back, I think I'll be a paleontologist or an archaeologist."  

Most kids come in and pop the cartoon videos into the VCR, while they wait for their parents.  Not this young fellow.  He was reading a book.  A thick book.

He's the ultimate Poindexter.  Now we can leash all that brilliance for the good.  We already know what happens when genius is unleashed for the bad: OBL.

Yve Twain is going to Korea with a few friends -- to go shopping at Itewan.  Her mom in Ohio is worried sick that she'll be flying, but Yv is determined to go.

Yve had me guffawing:  She's the highest paid hourly worker, she said, and at a recent meeting, her boss told her that he thought she was gutsy. He told her she had more "balls" than his (male) execs.  She replied, "You'd better believe it.  My balls are bigger [as she cupped her breasts] than theirs, and lots closer to my brain." 

Tee hee.

Yve's daughter, Kari, upon hearing that the bombings of Kabul had begun, quipped:  "They should be bombing them with estrogen.  Those terrorists have way too much testosterone."  

Out of the mouth of babes!

My work is far boring.  Thank You!


"Life is a Gift."

Author Unknown


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