With Eyes That See

Thursday, October 25, 2001



  “But blessed are your eyes, for they see: 
and your ears, for they hear.”

~ Matthew 13:16


On Tuesday, I could hear in Vonne's voice that she really REALLY needed to see me.  She was worried. There were no openings.  I told her to come over at noon today. I'd see her at my lunch hour.

Her roommate drove her over.  Vonne wanted her to meet me.  I felt like I already knew her, as Vonne had spoken well of her last time we were together. As we met, I could see immediately, that like Vonne, she is a kind woman who exudes inner beauty.  

We attended to the problem, and thank goodness, all was well. No crisis. Just a test of patience and faith.

Then Vonne gifted me with a compliment I shall treasure:  "I told her that she had to meet you.  In your lifetime, I told her,  you will never meet another more beautiful and caring."

All three of us knew that she wasn't talking a wit about physical beauty. And this coming from one of the most beautiful and caring people that I have met.

I graciously accepted the compliment, not for myself, but for God's Presence in me.  I let them know that every day I give myself away, inviting God to wholly use me for a Higher Purpose.  "Thy Will, not mine." The beauty that shines through me is not mine, but entirely God's.

Vonne sees God peeking through me, as I see God peeking through her. I love it that she is gifted with eyes that see, really see.  

Vonne presented me with a huge platter of home-made oatmeal and raisin (my favorite), Russian tea and sugar cookies.  She is a master baker; these were no ordinary cookies. They were filled with Vonne's love and beauty.

As I admired the array of individually decorated cookies, I realized that she had spent hours baking cookies them.  How sweet is that!  

Surrounded in Beauty, we all three embraced. 



Jim is my accountant.  And he was patiently waiting for me as I attended to Vonne. Jim and I are each other's clients.

Lucky Jim, lucky me, as we both had first pick of Vonne's beautiful cookies before we shared the platter with the rest of the office.  We got to visit a bit, catching up on a milestone that he has reached in his career and his daughter Gina, who is now in veterinary school (I'm so proud of her!).  

Jim and I have known each other for almost 20 years. He was a guest lecturer at my college.  He was the college's accountant.  Straightaway, I saw his beauty.

And maybe he saw mine, as he accepted me as his client and proceeded to help me make my wildest dreams come true. Twelve years older than me, he was soaring high in his career.  With Bob, his attorney who became mine, they swooped down, picked me up, took me under their wings, then stuck wings on me, taught me to fly by their examples, and pushed me off the ledge.

And I flew!  Clumsily at first, but I flew.

Back then, I was a babe in the woods finding my way. The work was hard.  The hours were long.  The resources were limited to nil.  But I never minded, as the gifts of opportunities had come effortlessly, thanks in large part to Jim and Bob. I had to do my part, and do it to my utmost best, just as they had done.

These days, I know what soaring feels like. I've learned from the best.

As the boss of his high flying firm, Jim's job was never easy, but you'd never guess it.  He is a  trusted and trustworthy professional.  As someone who has mastered The Positive Attitude, not only for himself, but for his family and all he encounters, he is ever buoyant, always encouraging.  I think of Jim's smile, and I am uplifted.

Jim has eyes that see...and twinkle.



"Life is a Gift."

Author Unknown


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