Oh, Christmas Tree!

Tuesday, December 11, 2001
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Oh, Tannenbaum! ~ Oh, Christmas Tree!
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For a few years, we "sacrificed" our beloved Bear Tree to the office.  It brought much joy, cheer and smiles to our staff and clients, so we didn't mind sharing it one bit.  Besides our Bear Wreath, lovingly made by one of our clients, Rosie, graces the space above the mantel at home, and seemed plenty for just two people and two dogs.

One day, DH and I were shopping for a tree at a local store, when we came upon a display of gorgeously decorated trees.  One whispered, "Look here, look here." 

I looked, and there it was. If I had dreamt it, it would have been the tree of my dreams for the office.

The office, you see, is decorated in my favorite colors: royal purple, wisteria pink and deep blue.  And here was this artificial tree on display with royal purple and shiny gold ornaments, blue lights, jewel-toned brocade ribbons, royal purple garlands, and topped with a Santa dressed in royal purple velvet!

There's nothing like Christmas smells of fresh pine, so we stuck to our intended plan of a real tree.  But for the next hour or two, DH and I scoured the Christmas corner of the store, matching every ornament, garland, and ribbon on the tree with the stock supply on the floor.  We succeeded in duplicating the office's dream tree, right up to the Santa topper! 

The Bear Tree came home to us.

This year, DH bought the real tree and Doni (below), our multi-talented staff member with a keen eye for aesthetics, not only decorated the office, but the office tree as well, adding his own personal ornaments, touches, and flourishes.  

This special tree now delights both staff and clients, alike.  I work in the back recesses of the office, but I make sure to come out from my "cave" to take a peek at the tree at least twice in the day.  

It kindles my soul, bringing warm thoughts of Christmases past & present. .


"Life is a Gift."

Author Unknown

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 "The only gift is a portion of thyself..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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