Party Preparations

Saturday, December 15, 2001
Sunny Suburbia


We've had the window washers in, as well as the steam carpet cleaner. We've been busy little elves, ourselves. 

It's that time of year.

Yesterday, I was busy decluttering the house, getting ready for the three parties that we are hosting this holiday season, as well as for New Year's, when according to Japanese tradition, everything must be sparkling clean, as God enters the house on that day.

With eccentric tastes, we are hard to shop for, and not surprisingly, we get lots of gift certificates. Well, when I was cleaning out an abandoned IN tray, I came across a forgotten stash of Wherehouse and Blockbuster gift certificates -- a $100's worth -- from past Christmases. 


So, last evening, we took a break from our party preparations, and we went shopping!  After about an hour of fun browsing, we ended up with a Fantasia 2000 DVD, which we'll donate to the office with hopes that it'll keep our clients happily, musically, and visually occupied when we are running behind; a James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theater DVD for DH; The Best of George Harrison for me; and a Bing Crosby double-CD for traditional Christmas music for our gatherings.

We ended our evening  across the street from the Wherehouse to celebrate our unexpected windfall with a very sloppy, but delicious rib dinner at the restaurant, Love's, known for its finger-lickin' good ribs.. 

I'm no Martha Stewart, who seems to easily and effortlessly pull things together, and today, in preparation for tomorrow night's office party, I've spent most of the day cleaning and decorating the house.  

I've "organized" the plethora of candles, twinkling white lights, and gold poinsettias.  The menu is finalized. The linen, pressed.  The centerpieces, arranged.  The flatware, in place.  The stemware, sparkling and ornamented with jingly bracelets. The garland leis, made for each of our guests tomorrow.

Sounds like a lot of work?  It is. But you don't know this office staff.  They are worth every bit of our best efforts to make it a special office Christmas party.  

They are true gifts in my life. 


"Life is a Gift."

Busily, but keeping the real meaning of Christmas in mind,
Author Unknown

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 "The only gift is a portion of thyself..."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


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