These short stories are derived from the memorable dreams I have had, or expanded upon dreams that contained the essense of these stories.  They contain fictitious characters as well as ones from my real life. These stories have no foundation in reality, and they can range from horror, sci fi, adventure, comedy, romance to simply ridiculous. Hope you will enjoy my twisted subconscious as much as I normally enjoy it.

Dream I: Yester Eve
Dream II: The Last Great Battle
Dream III: Silicon Valley
Dream IV: Mrs. B------
Dream V: Childhood Best Friend
Dream VI: Duchess's Pet
Dream VII: Mists of Vapor
Dream VIII: Demon's return
Dream IX: Bloody Red
Dream X: Everyone's Revenge
Dream XI: North American War
Dream XII: Layers of Subconscious
Dream XIII: The Forgotten Revolution
Dream XIV: Dreamers
Dream XV: ECE Training