Stones: Misplaced Favor (Spring)
Through those Patched Drapes (Spring)
If I could speak, I'd tell you... (Spring)
sacred human body (Spring)
A Passive Observer (Winter)
Death of a Haven (Winter)
The Prison I Built Myself
Final Apology (Summer) Written Words (Winter)
Spiritual Warrior (May)
But In Dreams (June)
Dusk (June)
buds (June)


On an Empty Staircase (Winter)
The Crying Willow (September)
i hold the beast (December)




Tower (April)
Prince charming don't come tonight (May)
Demonic (May)
An Ugly Girl's Say (May)
Stars Above (June)
To hear her sadness... (July)
Dream Anchors (September)
Stubborn Says (October)
A Spirit Long Since Dead (October)
In from the cold... (November)
Maybe I am wrong (November)
Her Ice Land (November)
Long Since Dead (Prose, November)
Untitled (December)
Incomplete (December)

hero (January)
Footprints in the Snow (January)
Love of a Different Sort (January)
Moonlight (February)
No Grand Romance (May)
Day and Night (May)
Stubborn Flame (June)
war (July)
Angel (August)
Torn (August)

How well we know what we cannot deny... (June 3)
Drifts and Drafts (November)
Prayers to the Moon Goddess (November 8)


Dancing Man (Song January)
end to end (January)
Ragdoll (February)
Wishes (February)
Goodbye and Farewell (Feb. 28)
Inflection Guides (February)
Prayer (March)
Remarks on Friendship (March)
Ethics in Love (March)
Admiration (March 27)
Life (March 31)
Last Words (April 30)
Poetic Encounter (May)
My Creek and I (May 29)
Maelstrom's Servant (May, June)
Silent and tranquil... (March to June)
Sacrifice (July)
You Him and I (July 7)
Woman to Woman (July 16)
Union Station (July 20)
Fever (July 21)
Intended Audience (July 24)
Angels of Music (July 20-25)
Rag Doll: Stitches (July 29)
Flutterby (July-Sept.)
Write and Draw (Aug. 1)
Two Years Later (Aug.)
Such clarity a night... (Oct. 2)
Selfish need for forgiveness (Oct. 29)
Beyond seduction lies... (Nov. 1)
Few Words (Nov. 2)
Nightmare (Nov. 8)
No More (Nov. 11)
Covered are my weary eyes... (Nov. 11)
Dear Sir (Nov. 12)
Holiday Wishes (Dec. 8)
Eternities (Dec. 28)


Return My Poetry (Jan. 3)
Lantern Bearer (Jan. 4)
Loneliest Soul (Jan. 19)
Red Dress (Feb. 13)
Morning and Night (Feb. 20)