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Psychic powers :

a. Telepathy - Read other person's mionds or send messages toperson's   

     on the area or over a distance, that get mental answers from you.

bulletESP/ Telephatic sensing - Sense/ read what the other person wants. You read his or her surface thoughts.
bulletTelepathic projection - Sending a message by thought.
bulletMind control - Mentally forcing someone else to do something.
Prices U$70

b.Communicate with spirits

bulletSpirit link

Prices U$70


c.Synergy - Two or more psychically active minds combining their strength/ force for more power than individual attempts.

bulletPsychic sense - Sense other psychic minds in the area or in the room.
bulletShare will/ group effect of a psychic power.

Prices U$70

d. Psychometry - Have insights/ visions of persons by touching someone's objects and feel the emotions/ aura connected with it. Strongest practitioners get clear views of events happening with the object.

Prices U$70

e.Psychic vampirism - Feeds off other's emotions and life energy, making people tired while the user remains healthy and vitals. Others feel tired and need to rest somewhat.

Prices U$70


Psychic invisibility - Giving yourself an 'Aura' you yourself created to let others notice you more difficultly (Glamour).
bulletHide - as long as the psionic remains still, he will be noticed more difficultly.
bulletInvisibility - Psychic becomes literally invisible. At a lower version, he only walks around unnoticed (stronger hide version).
bulletSelective invisibility - Choose who you want to become invisibly to.
bulletVanish - Disappears and others forget they ever saw him.

Prices U$70


Precognition - Look into future events and predict them. Vague or with visions and symbols, or accurate insight.
bulletInduce dreamlike visiions
bulletDanger sense
bulletClear vision - See accurately in the future

Prices U$70


Mind Shield - Protect vs psychic attacks.
bulletPsychic shield - Protect yourself from mental attacks of other people by visualising a shield around yourself. This you can do for example by pulling a mental cloak over yourself, just as wearing clothing or creating a knive like barrier or solid wall. Prices U$70


Bio Control
bulletSelf Control - Enter self hypno state to ignore small pain, hold your breath longer etc.
Controls basic body functions.
bulletSelf healing - Accelerates normal body healing progress.
bulletIncrease body power - Temporary adrenalin boost, increases your body power, handiness and speed.
bulletIgnore pain response - Ignore pain for a short time.
bulletMind over matter - Conrol body functions (heart, etc) at will.

Prices U$70


Skill Description Price (U$)
Psychic a Telepathy 70
Psychic b Communicate with spirits 70
Psychic c Synergy 70
Psychic d Psychometry - Have insights/ visions 
of persons by touching someone's objects
Psychic e Psychic vampirism 70
Psychic f Psychic invisibility - 
Giving yourself an 'Aura' you yourself created
Psychic g Precognition - Look into future events 
and predict them
Psychic h Mind Shield  70
Psychic i Bio Control 70

Direct Transfer  to my Indonesian Bank :
Name :Yulius Eka Agung Seputra,

Acc Number :4211601552.

My Address: jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara
postal code :16421
west Java Indonesia

Direct Transfer  to my Indonesian Bank :
Name :Yulius Eka Agung Seputra,

Acc Number :4211601552.

My Address: jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara
postal code :16421
west Java Indonesia

or Western Union Payment if you don't have Bank Account and confirm me money transfer number (confirm me before and send me :

Name sender :
Name recipient : Yulius Eka Agung seputra.
MCTN /western union transfer number: )

at stulung@yahoo.com




Psychic Reguest

Enter Your Name & Birthdate (example -- yulius eka -- 01/jan/1970)


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