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What is Inner Power ?

Your personal inner power is part of the Infinite Consciousness which creates, preserves and transforms the universe and all within it.You can mystically direct your inner power to move and express itself in your own life and those of your loved ones.

Inner Power Course, is a must have for anyone serious about protecting theirselves and their family for the whole life.... " most of our customer's testimonial.

When The Master unlock the full power of your chakra you will have access to control your "inner energy" inside your body. And you will have access to the complete course which includes many pages of explosive course material featuring the following :

1. How to control the behaviour of your inner power using the 3 Secret Levels of what The Master you usually did.

Level 1 for Inner Power section fee U$70
Level 2 for Spiritual Power section (You Soul Power) fee U$70
Level 3 for Vibrotic Power section. (Devine Power) fee U$70

2. How to get that REAL INSTANT inner power coming up from your body in just few days without any hassle.

3. Sure-fire formulas for setting up inner power inside your body performance in such a way to make it skyrocket.

4. Step-by-step guidance which could do-it-yourself from anywhere in the entire world.

5. How to use secrets discovered by The Master that will ensure your learning from the course coming up with the best result.

And much much more.....

And imagine, after the course...and opening chakra by The Master, you could do some amazing things, like :

- hit your enemy without touching them . . .
- hit the unknown attackers from a distancee . . .
- Clean Negative Energy. . .
- Clean Negative Disturbance, Ghost Disturbbance. . .
- break a stainless pipe with your empty haand . . .

. . . many many more revealed by The Master.

Remember, this is NOT a magic or illusions. This is a real inner power secrets revealed by The Master.

REMEMBER, This Energy don't use Devil or Satan who against your Religion, this is pure energy and you must practice that, to improve your energy...Do good thing, Pray thanks to God.



Inner Power have advantages :

- Physic and Metaphisic Shield in your body (download my demo )
- Heal Phisic and metaphisic Disturbance, MMagic, Ghost Disturbances.
- Make Ghost , other Metaphisic thing go awway.
- Can access other Devine Energy.
- Protect you home, you family, your sisterr, your brother, etc.
- Open your 3rd Eyes
- and Other Mistical and Miracles Advantagees.


Skill Description Price (U$)
Innerpower level 1 Inner Power section 70
Innerpower level 2 Spiritual Power section  70
Innerpower Master Vibrotic Power section 100

Direct Transfer  to my Indonesian Bank :
Name :Yulius Eka Agung Seputra,

Acc Number :4211601552.

My Address: jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara
postal code :16421
west Java Indonesia

Direct Transfer  to my Indonesian Bank :
Name :Yulius Eka Agung Seputra,

Acc Number :4211601552.

My Address: jl.Kalimantan no.236 Depok Utara
postal code :16421
west Java Indonesia

or Western Union Payment if you don't have Bank Account and confirm me money transfer number (confirm me before and send me :

Name sender :
Name recipient : Yulius Eka Agung seputra.
MCTN /western union transfer number: )

at stulung@yahoo.com




Innerpower Reguest

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Send mail to stulung@yahoo.com if you have any questions.
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