Rock Climbing
in Summit County

An online guide to the
Montezuma & Frisco area

Crag Locations in the County  Counter

Overview topo map of the countyOverview topo map of the Montezuma climbing areasThese topo maps, from USGS 1:24k sources, give the general areas of the crags discussed in this guide.  Because they are images of open-source maps, they are free to redistribute in any form.  Please refer to the area descriptions for each smaller map or area for specific directions on approaching the crags.  A local area county or road map may be useful in navigation - USGS maps are limited in their detail and accuracy (only being updated as the government sees fit to fund them, while they throw money at social welfare and military programs like confetti at a parade).  If you're interested in helping to update maps in your area, join the USGS ESC and volunteer to help get them back on-track.  My quad is the Frisco quad (taken!!!), but the entire US needs our help to be resurveyed.

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