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Cover 1999 Artists name: Prince and the Revolution
Album title: 1999
Release date: October 27, 1982
No. of tracks: 11
Top chart position: 4


Album notes:

    Now here is an excellent album. Prince had grown up and gone past his - "I'm suddenly a rock-star" - insecurities and released a very confident and superb album that took him well into the eighties.
    This album represents an entirely new Prince that had changed his music radically from his previous album. He had a much more pop-oriented sound on this album, and the music itself had almost entirely changed to pop. He made these changes without loosing his R&B-audience, and by doing these changes, he enabled his music to be bought by a much broader audience. This fact can be seen very clearly on the charts, that shifts from R&B-chart success to Pop-chart success during the release of the singles.

Band notes:

    The sleeve notes to this album states that everything is done by Prince, except where indicated. They say that on almost all of his early albums, but on this one he has a lot of people credited for various supporting vocals. Let's start from the beginning:
    Supporting vocals : Lisa Coleman, Dez Dickerson, J.J., Jamie, Carol, Peggy, Brown Mark, Poochie, The Count, Vanity and Wendy (Melvoin).
    Additionally Dez Dickerson plays the guitar solo on "Little Red Corvette".

Chart notes:

    The most notable thing about the way "1999" behaved on the charts is that it was fairly balanced between the R&B-chart and the Pop-chart. It peaked at no.4 on the R&B-chart and on no.9 on the Pop-chart, thereby being the first of Prince's albums to enter (or even get near) the Pop top 10, an additional thing to note about it's presence on the Pop-chart is that it stayed there for 125! weeks or more than two years.
    The first single from this album "1999" reached no.4 on the R&B-chart and only no.12 on the Pop-chart. This is actually very interesting, since Prince had been an R&B artist up until now it is not surprising that the R&B position is the highest, but with the release of the album and the following success on the Pop-chart, the audience is broadened and the last three singles from this album actually do better on the Pop-chart than on the R&B-chart.
    The single "Little Red Corvette" reach no.6 on the Pop-chart and no.15 on the R&B-chart. The single "Delirious" reach no.8 on the Pop-chart and no.18 on the R&B-chart. The single "Let's Pretend We're Married" reach no.52 on the Pop-chart and no.55 on the R&B-chart (note: the four singles are released over a 14 month period).

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