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Welcome to The Purple Music Experience
The welcome-page of The Purple Music Experience A description of ALL The Artist's records. Complete with covers, release dates, chart info, lyrics etc. etc. A COMPLETE collection of The Artist's lyrics. Sorted and in an easy to read form. The links that I find usefull. By no means complete but covering allmost anything you need to know. Information about this site, version history, site map, ME, support, etc. etc. Please send ANY comments to me here. Over 500,000 songs

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Site Info.

Site Map of The Purple Music Experience.

    I have tried to make the navigation of this site as flat as possible. Thus I have created the navigation bar, that ensures, that you can reach any place in the site from anywhere with only two clicks.
    I have a very systematic way of naming files too. This means that you can actually bypass all the menus and tables and find around this site yourself with the adress field of your browser.
    Here is how it works.
      The base directory is:

      Albums are located in /albums/
      Songs and lyrics are located in /songs/
      Covers are located in /images/

    Let's take a few examples. You want to find the album "Purple Rain". So you just ask the correct directory, replacing all whitespaces with [_] and add the extension .htm . "Purple Rain" is at:

    The same thing goes for songs. Let us find "Jam Of The Year":

    Let us find an album cover too. It has a slightly different name. Lets find "Purple Rain" again

    That is it. You should now be able to find around for yourself. I have made a little "drawing" of the lot below. It is not very nice but it should work.

    Navigation bar: Level 2: Level 3:
    Main (index.htm) From here u can reach anything.
    Albums (albums.htm) /albums/
    Here comes all the albums.
    The songs to each album.
    Lyrics (lyrics.htm) /songs/
    All the lyrics alphabetically.
    Links (links.htm) The outside world [scary eh?]
    Site info (site_info.htm) This file you are reading now.
    Mail me. ( Drop me a note.

Please send any comments or suggestions to me via E-male and I shall answer or respond to them as soon and nicely as I can.

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