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Around the World in a Day.

Cover Around The World In A Day Artists name: Prince and the Revolution
Album title: Around the World in a Day
Release date: April 22, 1985
No. of tracks: 9
Top chart position: 1


Album notes:

    "Around The World In A Day" was expected by many to be a "Purple Rain 2" but luckily Prince did something completely different. "Around The World In A Day" was called Prince's psychedelic album, sort of like The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper" was theirs. I disagree completely. I find "Around The World In A Day" to be a worthy successor to "Purple Rain" featuring some of his best songs ever like "Pop Life", Raspberry Beret" and "Paisley Park" and some songs that make it stand out from the rest of his albums "Condition of the Heart" & "Tamborine".
    The sum of all the songs on this album make a total that appear as a complete album in the way that none of the songs could be removed without ruining the album, also there doesn't seem to be room for more songs on the album, it just seem strangely complete.
    One of the most interesting things that has been said about "Around The World In A Day" was said by Robert Hilburn of The Los Angeles Times in his review of the album:
    This album raises more questions than any other album by this baffling but extremely gifted performer. Who knows where he'll head next?
    I think that says it all.

Band notes:

    Another record with The Revolution, this time with the addition of a saxophone player, Eddie M., and some additional female vocals. The biggest revolution on this album is the drummer Sheila E. who is a kick ass drummer comparable to the very best!! The line-up of the band is now this:
    Lisa Coleman : Keyboards and Voice
    Wendy Melvoin : Guitars and Voice
    Sheila E. : Drums and Voice
    Eddie M. : Saxophone
    Bobby Z : Drums
    Brown Mark : Bass and Voice
    Matt Fink : Keyboards and Voice
    Additional voices by : David Coleman, Susannah Melvoin, Jonathan Melvoin & Taja Sevelle
    Additional instruments and strings by : David Coleman, Jonathan Melvoin, Novi Novog, Suzi Katayama, Brad Marsh, Sid Page, Marcy Dicterow, Vaj, Denyse Buffum, Laury Woods, Tim Barr and Anette Atkinson. (phew!)

Chart notes:

    This album did good in the charts. It reahed no.1 on the Pop-chart and stayed there for three weeks. On the R&B-chart it reached only no.4.
    Of the three singles the first two were successfull too. The first one ""Raspberry Beret" reahed no.2 on the Pop-chart and no.3 on the R&B-chart. The second single "Pop Life" reached no.7 on the Pop-chart and no.8 on the R&B-chart. I think that both of these singles deserved to have tasted the no.1 spot, but they didn't. The third and last single "America" did not do well on the charts at all and I don't even understand why it was released, it is definetely not single material. Anyway it reached no.46 on the Pop-chart and no.35 on the R&B-chart.

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