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Cover Batman Artists name: Prince
Album title: Batman, Motion Picture Soundtrack
Release date: June 20, 1989
No. of tracks: 9
Top chart position: 1


Album notes:

    This album was recorded and released in a rush in the middle of the "Lovesexy" tour. It is not among Prince's best albums but the publicity and promotion of the film made this his second best selling album of all time.
    It is a very funky and rocking album that sees Prince take on the role of all the major characters of the film on various songs and finishing the show with playing all the parts in the long and funky "Batdance" in the end. It is infused with the dark atmosphere of the film and is filled with samples from the actual dialogue of the film with Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Kim Bassinger.
    It also contains a song ,"The Arms of Orion", that was co-written by Sheena Easton and performed as a duet. It is a fairly boring pop-song that has absolutely no nerve and doesn't sound like Prince at all.

Band notes:

    Prince actually plays and performs everything on this album, apart from the duet with Sheena Easton "The Arms of Orion". His multi talent strikes again.

Chart notes:

    The album was selling very well, and the sales were probably boosted by all the success of the film. It reached no.1 on the Pop-chart and held on to the spot for 6 weeks, on the R&B-chart it only reached no.5 .
    Four singles were released, with "Batdance" doing best peaking at the first spot on both the Pop- and R&B-charts and staying there for a single week. The next single was "Partyman" that reached no.18 on the Pop-chart and no.5 on the R&B-chart. Then came "The Arms of Orion" that flopped totally peaking as low as no.36 at the Pop-chart and not making the R&B-chart at all. "Scandalous", on the other hand, didn't make the Pop-chart but peaked at no.5 in the R&B-charts.

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