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Diamonds and Pearls.

Cover Diamonds and Pearls Artists name: Prince and the New Power Generation
Album title: Diamonds and Pearls
Release date: October 1, 1991
No. of tracks: 13
Top chart position: 1


Album notes:

    With this album Prince follows the disappointments of "Batman" and "Graffiti Bridge" with an album that is his best in a very, very long time. "Diamonds and Pearls" sees Prince with a new band, a new style, a new way of working and something as unlikely as a rapper.
    I absolutely adore the feel of lightness and newfound creativity that emanates from this album. Prince ventures into areas that he hasn't been in before in songs like "Strollin'" and "Willing and Able", while at the same time perfecting old styles in the sweet "Diamonds & Pearls" and the funky "Gett Off". And as an extra bonus "Walk Don't Walk" is in my opinion one of his best songs ever, a tribute to individuality.
    This album also introduces Rosie Gaines as a member of the band. Rosie is a God gifted singer that lifts "Diamonds & Pearls" even further. Sadly this was her last album with the New Power Generation.

Band notes:

    This album is a band effort more than anything. Prince has written the songs with continuous input from the members of the band, and most songs are performed live in the studio with some overdubbing done afterwards. The band is as follows:
    Levi Seacer Jr. : Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals.
    Tommy Barbarella : Purpleaxxe sampler & keyboards.
    Sonny T. : Bass & backing vocals.
    Rosie Gaines : Vocals, Purpleaxxe sampler & organ.
    Michael Bland : Drums.
    Tony M. : Lead Rap & backing vocals.
    Kirk Johnson : Backing vocals & percussion.
    Damon Dickson : Backing vocals & percussion.
    Prince : Whatever.

Chart notes:

    This album was a success for Prince, selling better than many of his previous albums. "Diamonds & Pearls" held on to no.1 on the R&B-chart for a week and reached as high as no.3 on the Pop-chart. Prince was back in business.
    ' The singles from this album were also very successful. Five were released, two of them reached the first spot.
    The first single "Gett Off" did only fairly well, peaking at no.21 on the Pop-chart and at no.6 on the R&B-chart. "Cream", the second single, lay on the top spot on the Pop-chart for 2 weeks. The next single "Insatiable" only reached no.77 on the Pop-chart but reached no.3 on the R&B-chart. Then came "Diamonds & Pearls" which reached no.3 on the Pop-chart and made the no.1 spot on the R&B-chart, making it one of his 5 or 6 most successful singles ever. The last single "Money Don't Matter Tonight" reached no.23 on the Pop-chart and no.14 on the R&B-chart.

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