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Dirty Mind.

Cover Dirty Mind Artists name: Prince
Album title: Dirty Mind
Release date: October 8, 1980
No. of tracks: 8
Top chart position: 7


Album notes:

    Explicit lyrics is one of the main things about "Dirty Mind", the album title should be taken quite literally. "Dirty Mind" gave fuse to some amount of controversy among the critics who loved it and the radio stations who refused to play it. The lyrics on "Dirty Mind" is probably the most straight forward XXX-rated lyrics Prince has ever made!!!
    The music on "Dirty Mind" is much more rock-oriented than on any of the previous records, it uses a more basic instrumentation that doesn't appear as "produced" as the music on the previous records. If I should describe this record with three key-words, it would be sex, sex, sex.

Band notes:

    As far as i know Prince returns to playing virtually everything on this album, but i am not sure. According to the sleeve notes Doctor Fink plays the keyboards on "Dirty Mind" and "Head" and Lisa Coleman is credited for the vocals on "Head" and that's it!.
    On the other hand the band that is depicted in the sleeve contains all instruments. Did they play a part in the album or were they just on the tour? I don't know, but here they are:
    Doctor Fink : Keyboards
    Bobby Z : Drums
    Dez Dickerson : Guitar
    André Cymone : Bass
    Lisa Coleman : Vocals and (probably) Keyboards

Chart notes:

    Dirty Mind reached no.7 on the R&B chart and no.45 on the pop chart, while this was somewhat worse than the success of "Prince" the position on the charts probably suffered form the fact that many radio stations had banned the record because of the lyrics and the more moderate single-success.
    Only two singles were released from the album and the only one worth mentioning, chart-wise, is "Uptown" that reached no.5 on the R&B chart and no.101 !!! on the pop chart. The other single "Dirty Mind" only reached no.65 on R&B.

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