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Cover Emancipation Artists name:
Album title: Emancipation.
Release date: November 19, 1996
No. of tracks: 36 !!!
Top chart position: No info available.

A closer description of the 3 cd's:


Album notes:

    So what do you get when you buy this triple album?. You get three very, very good records, each with their own distinctive feel to it. The first CD is a very danceable record with some good up-tempo songs. The second CD is being in love with Mayte and spelling it out in some very good love- and R&B-songs. The Third CD is more of a rap and techno- type record with a lot of rapping, scratching and hard rhythms.
    has really done great on this album and it sounds like he is a more happy and free man than on some of the last albums like "Chaos and Disorder" and "Come". This record should really be a part of every record collection in the world (together with "Purple Rain" and all the others, of course").
    As something completely new on this album, does other people's songs. I do not think that has happened before at all !!. 4 of the songs on these records are written by others, including Joan Osbourne's huge no.1 hit "One Of Us" which does a thousand times better and "I Can't Make You Love Me" which George Michael has also covered.

Band notes:

    The band here, is of course the NPG. But a LOT of other people appear in various roles throughout the three CD's. The NPG is:
    : Anything & everything.
    Mr. Hayes : Keyboards.
    Kirk A. Johnson : Drums.
    Rhonda S. : Bass.
    K. Dyson : Guitar.
    Eric Leeds : Hornz.

    The Additional performers are, in no particular order:
    Sonny T., Michael Bland, Tommy Barbarella, Rosie Gaines, Walter Chancellor Jr., the poet 99, Montalbo Stewart, Brian Lynch, Todd Burrell, Scrap D., Ricky Peterson, Savion Glover, Michael Mac, Kathleen Bradford, Rhonda Johnson, Cesar Sogbe, Joe Galdo, Chante' Moore, Mike Scott, Mayte and Kate Bush.
    Hope I didn't forget anyone!

Chart notes:

    I currently have no accurate info on this.

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