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For You.

Cover For You Artists name: Prince
Album title: For You
Release date: April 7, 1978
No. of tracks: 9
Top chart position: 21


Album notes:

    For You is Prince's first album, and as such it has some nostalgic value or historical significance to hard core Prince fans. The problem with "For You" is that it has nothing to suggest that you are actually listening to the debut album of one of Pop/Rock's future superstars.
    The songs on this album are fairly varied in musical styles, almost exclusively love songs though, they range from soft ballads and acoustics to fast paced dance songs. They all have that special sound of synthesizers and electronic sounds, that special something that you can't really name but leaves you without a doubt. You are listening to the late seventies.

Band notes:

    There is nothing much to say about "the band" on this album other than - there is no band on this album. His Majesty Prince does it ALL. He has produced, arranged, composed and performed all the stuff on For You, except the lyrics for "Soft and Wet" that was co-written by Chris Moon.

Chart notes:

    This album did not perform well on the pop chart. It only managed to stay on the chart for five weeks, reaching number 163. The singles did not do much better, "Soft an Wet" reached 92, "Just as Long as We're Together" didn't even make the top 100.
    The R&B-chart was more kind to "For You", the album stayed on the chart for 23 weeks and topped at 21, too close to a spot in the top 20. The single "Soft and Wet" reached 12 and "Just as Long as We're Together" reached 91.

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