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Girl 6.

Cover Girl 6 Artists name: Prince (but after the change to )
Album title: Music from the motion picture Girl 6.
Release date: 1996 (I don't know the date, sorry)
No. of tracks: 13
Top chart position: 15


Album notes:

    This album is perhaps not a "real" Prince album, but to me it is one of the best. It is the soundtrack to the Spike Lee film "Girl 6", a film about a girl that becomes a phone-sex girl. Very funny, very Spike Lee and very obvious to have Prince do the soundtrack.
    The album contains some material from previous albums, some material previously only available on bootlegs and a song from each of "Vanity 6" and "The Family". This does not disturb the "completeness" of the album though. All the songs seem to have been chosen very carefully and does fit the theme of the film very well.
    Several of the songs have later been released on "Crystal Ball", but before that they were only officially available on this album. It is definitely worth buying and is very good if you're in the mood for some light listening. Songs like "Count The Days" and "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" are some of Prince's best songs and the two songs not by Prince "Nasty Girl" and "The Screams Of Passion" are worth a listen too.

Band notes:

    Well there are several bands on this album, so I'll just mention them here. Prince himself does 8 of the songs all by himself. The Revolution helps him out on a couple of the others. So does The New Power Generation. And then there's the new ones.
    "Vanity 6" is a band consisting of three women which Prince put together and more or less created a record for back in 1982. The record was fairly successful and the Track "Nasty Girl" is taken from this album. Although the liner notes credit Vanity for writing and The Starr Company for producing and arranging, The Starr Company is Jamie Starr a pseudonym for Prince and Prince probably wrote the song too. "The Family" is another project that Prince was heavily involved in. He more or less wrote all their material as Jamie Starr and an album was released in 1985 from which the track "The Screams Of Passion" was released as a single.

Chart notes:

    The album did reasonably on the charts but suffered from not being marketed as a Prince album. It peaked at no.75 on the Pop-chart and no.15 on the R&B-chart.
    No singles were released from the album at the time of its release, but several of the tracks on the album had been released as singles in connection with the albums from where they came originally. I will not go into detail about these singles here, you can check the individual albums for that, but several of them had done alright on the charts.

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