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Cover Lovesexy Artists name: Prince
Album title: Lovesexy
Release date: May 10, 1988
No. of tracks: 9
Top chart position: 5


Album notes:

    This album was recorded in seven weeks!!. It was sent out instead of "The Black Album" that was redrawn at the last moment. It is Prince's most religious sounding and personal album, it is a gospel album in every way. It has stories of heaven and hell, of unconditional love and of Lovesexy. Prince defines Lovesexy as "the feeling you get when you fall in love, not with a girl or a boy, but with the heavens above", can you get any more spiritual than that.
    The album is very "produced", and leaves one with the feeling that not a single note hasn't been arranged and planned to be exactly where it is. It is a story or journey through love and god as seen by Prince. It is his gospel.
    Perhaps that is the reason why he released the CD as one long track of 45 minutes. A thing that was annoying at first, but when you get to know the album you would never dream of not hearing it in its full length.
    The album ranges from pop and ballads to funk, but everything is rooted in the gospel tradition and has a lot of strings and horns that are very beautiful. It speaks of love not sex !!.
    Love is God. God is Love. Lovesexy.

Band notes:

    The band features a couple of newcomers and some of the old ones in a perfect blend. Note especially my old favorite Sheila E. as she pounds the hell out of the drums on "Dance On", magnificent:
    Sheila E. : Drums, percussion & vocal.
    Dr. Fink : (computer?) keyboards.
    Cat : Vocal.
    Eric Leeds : Saxophone & vocal.
    Atlanta Bliss : Trumpet & vocal.
    Miko Weaver : Guitar & vocal.
    Boni Boyer : Vocal & Hammond organ.
    Levi Seacer Jr. : Bass & vocal.
    Prince : Whatever !

Chart notes:

    The sales of this album were very affected by the cover featuring Prince in the nude. The Europeans more or less ignored it while the Americans got offended and as a result "Lovesexy" was banned by some stores.
    This made "Lovesexy" Prince's second-best selling album in Europe and one of the worst selling albums in the US. "Lovesexy" reached no.11 on the Pop-charts and no.5 on the R&B-charts.
    Three singles were released from the album with "Alphabet St." reaching no.8 on the pop-chart and no. on the R&B-chart, the only one of the three to make the pop-chart at all. "Glam Slam" reached no.44 on the R&B-chart and "I Wish You Heaven" reached no.18 .

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