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New Power Soul.

New Power Soul Artists name: New Power Generation
Album title: New Power Soul
Release date: 1998
No. of tracks: 10+1
Top chart position: Don't know

Lyrics:(not done yet)

    1. New Power Soul
    2. Mad Sex
    3. Until U're In My Arms Again
    4. When U Love Somebody
    5. Shoo-Bed-Ooh
    6. Push It Up
    7. Freaks On This Side
    8. Come On
    9. The One
    10. Funky Music
    All the lyrics.

Album notes:

    This record leaves no doubt that something has happened in the life of . He has broken with Warner, released "Emancipation" and the bootleg songs that he found good enough on "Crystal Ball". He has put together an entirely new band that has definitely inspired him and contributed with a freshness and spontaneity that is very typical of the record. He just seems to be happier than ever.
    The music on this album is very good. It is much more happy and easy going than many of his previous records. The new band has contributed a lot to the creative process, that is clear from listening to it, and the record generally has the feel that this is a band rather than being with "guest musicians". It is very cool to hear that.
    I would recommend this record to anyone, -fan or not, and it suggests that hasn't stopped evolving and growing as a musician which is often the case with musicians that have been 20+ years in the business. The New Power Generation is here to stay.

Band notes:

    The band here is brand new in most respects. The big positive surprise here is Rhonda Smith on the bass; She is a true master of the fret less bass and plays it better than I have heard in a long time. Listen to tracks such as "Mad Sex" and "The One" and be convinced. The band is this:
    Prince : Whatever.
    Mr. Hayes : Keyboards.
    Rev. Scott : Guitars.
    Rhonda Smith : Bass.
    K'aj : Drums.
    Marva King : Vocal.
    DJ Brother Jules : Scratches on some songs.
    Clare Fischer arranges the orchestra as usual.
    Hornz by the NPG horns with Pierre Baptiste, Clark Clayton and Wayne du Main.
    Additional stuffing by Chaka Khan and Kat Dyson on "Come On".

Chart notes:

    I have no info yet...

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