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Cover Prince Artists name: Prince
Album title: Prince
Release date: October 19, 1979
No. of tracks: 9
Top chart position: 3


Album notes:

    This album is a great step forward from "For You". The music is much more spontaneous and free flowing than the music on "For You", this results in more catchy tunes, more varied music, more energy going out the speakers. Prince wanted a hit album with this one, he had realized that there was no idea in being to serious if no one listened. "I Wanna be Your Lover" became his first no.1 hit and gave him the audience he needed.

Band notes:

    Although the sleeve says that all songs are performed by Prince himself, this is not entirely true. He pulled in some friends to play some of the parts on the album. Although only André Cymone and Bobby Z are credited for it as "heaven-sent helpers" the complete band is as follows:
    André Cymone : Bass
    Bobby Z : Drums
    Dez Dickerson : Lead Guitar
    Matt Fink : Keyboards
    Gayle Chapman : Keyboards.

Chart notes:

    "Prince" stayed on the charts for one half year, reaching a cool 3rd on the R&B-chart but only reaching 22 on the pop-chart. All in all it was a great success for Prince, and the album eventually sold more than a million copies.
    The success of the album was mainly caused by the success of the single "I Wanna Be Your Lover" that reached no.1 in the R&B singles-chart and stayed there for two weeks. This was Prince's first no.1 single and he should have to wait five years for the next. The pop-charts wasn't so kind on "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and it peaked at no.11 here.
    The following two singles "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad" and "Still Waiting" reached no.13 and no.65 on the R&B-chart and didn't make it to the pop-chart at all.

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