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Purple Rain.

Cover Purple Rain Artists name: Prince & the Revolution
Album title: Music from Purple Rain
Release date: June 25, 1984
No. of tracks: 9
Top chart position: 1


Album notes:

    Prince's career reached its absolute peak with "Purple Rain". Very few artists in the history of music has achieved what Prince did with "Purple Rain". He managed to hold the no.1 position on both the singles-chart and the album-chart and on the movie-chart at the same time back there in 1984 !!! I think that only The Beatles and Elvis might have done such a thing before him.
    "Purple Rain" has won a lot of awards during the years, the most important being:
    • Academy Awards Oscar for Best Original Score.
    • American Music Awards Best Album.
    • American Music Awards Best Song ("When Doves Cry").
    • Grammy for Best Album.
    • 2nd best/most influential album of the 80's (awarded by Rolling Stone Magazine).
    The music on "Purple Rain" is absolutely magnificent. It captures the spirit, feel and essence of the mid-eighties in 44 beautiful minutes and holds a position as on of the three most important albums of the eighties. I can not emphasize this enough; This album should be part of every record collection in the world !
    The music is so varied and covers every aspect of the rock-pop scene of the eighties. Starting with "Let's Go Crazy" the mood is set to overdrive and ending with "Purple Rain" the mood goes blue, having been through all moods in between during the other tracks; It is utterly beautiful.

Band notes:

    This album changes the concept of a band for Prince. It is the first album that does not credit Prince himself for everything except where indicated. There is actually a band playing here, this seems reasonable since three of the songs were recorded live. Dez Dickerson had left the band and was replaced by Wendy Melvoin to make the following line-up:
    Lisa Coleman : Keyboards and Voice
    Wendy Melvoin : Guitars and Voice
    Bobby Z : Drums
    Brown Mark : Bass and Voice
    Matt Fink : Keyboards and Voice
    Novi Novog and Suzi Katayama : String section

Chart notes:

    This album was a true chart-buster. It ruled the charts for almost a year, staying on no.1 on the pop-chart for 24(!!!) weeks and no.1 on the R&B-chart for 19(!!!) weeks it left all the other albums of the year without a chance.
    The singles of the album were also a huge success. The first one "When Doves Cry" lay on the top spot of the charts for almost a couple of months before being pushed away by the second single of the album "Let's Go Crazy" that stayed on the top spot only 1-2 weeks.
    Three other singles were released from the album. "Purple Rain" reached no.2 on the Pop-chart and no.4 on the R&B-chart, a bit lower than the first two singles although I think that time has shown the song to be one of the most beautiful and everlasting ballads of all time.
    The two last singles "I Would Die 4 U" and Take Me With You" reached no.8 and no.25 on the Pop-chart and no.11 and no.40 on the R&B-chart. All together making this album and the singles the best selling of the year 1984.

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