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Cover Love Symbol Artists name: Prince and the New Power Generation
Album title:
Release date: October 13, 1992
No. of tracks: 16
Top chart position: 5


Album notes:

    Prince's attempt at a rock opera contains a lot of very good music and is a logical continuation of the style he presented on "Diamonds & Pearls" with a lot of different styles. Although I think that it is a marvelous album, the critics were very much in disagreement about it.
    The theme of the album is a love story between Prince and a Middle Eastern Princess. It is presented through telephone conversation between Prince and a journalist played by Kirstie Alley. Unfortunately most of the story was left out in the final mix of the record due to lack of space on the CD, making the story more or less non understandable. As it turned out the record would probably have been better off without it.
    The music on the album is as varied as on "Diamonds & Pearls" but it lacks the obvious hit, the strong and catching melody lines. The most notable songs on the album are probably the James Brownian "Sexy M.F.", the slow "Damn U" in the style of "Adore" or "Slow Love", and perhaps the best song of the record "7" with its enigmatic lyrics and very melodic chorus.
    One can't mention this record without a remark about the title: which later became Prince's name much to the annoyment of the critics and the amusement of the fans. For several weeks MTV just didn't know what to do about it.
    Hard core fans has been following the symbol, , for quite some time, since it has appeared in various forms on at least three album covers before.

Band notes:

    This album has the exact same line-up as "Diamonds & Pearls" with the exception of Rosie Gaines who quit to pursue a solo career. A devastating loss.
    The New Power Generation is:
    Prince : Whatever.
    Levi Seacer Jr. : Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals.
    Tommy Barbarella : Purpleaxxe sampler & keyboards.
    Sonny T. : Bass & backing vocals.
    Michael Bland : Drums.
    Tony M. : Lead Rap & backing vocals.
    Kirk Johnson : Backing vocals & percussion.
    Damon Dickson : Backing vocals & percussion.

Chart notes:

    The ""-album didn't perform as well on the charts as "Diamonds & Pearls" did before it, although I think it deserved it. It was probably due to the total lack of single-success.
    reached no.5 on the Pop-chart and no.8 on the R&B-chart. A level of success that is comparable to that of "Graffiti Bridge" which was a flop more or less.
    Four singles accompanied this album and none of them were any great success. The first one "Sexy M.F." only reached no.66 on the Pop-chart and no.76 on the R&B-chart. A disastrous performance. The second single "My Name Is Prince" did only little better reaching no.36 on the Pop-chart and no.25 on the R&B-chart.
    Then came the only near-success on the album. "7" peaked at no.7 on the Pop-chart and at no.61 on the R&B-chart making it the only top-ten hit on the record at all. Finally "The Morning Papers" reached no.44 on the Pop-chart and no.68 on the R&B-chart.

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