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The Gold Experience.

Cover The Gold Experience Artists name:
Album title: The Gold Experience
Release date: September 26, 1995
No. of tracks: 12 (18)
Top chart position: 2


Album notes:

    With this album Prince officially changes his name to Symbol, or to be more accurate he changed his name on his 35th birthday.
    The music on "The Gold Experience" is very much rock-oriented and doesn't contain much of the rap or techno-like things he's been experimenting with since the beginning of The New Power Generation. It's theme is that of a place on the Internet called "The Dawn" where you have more than 500 experiences to choose from, each of them being a song or two. It is very elegantly made and doesn't disturb or confuse the listener as the theme on the Symbol-album did.
    This album represents Symbol when he is at his best. The album contains some of the best songs Symbol has made since "Purple Rain" and, apart from "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" that is a very slow and sweet love song, all the songs absolutely rock !. Symbol shows that he is one of the best guitar players in the world ever.
    "You are now an official member of "The New Power Generation"; Welcome to The Dawn".
    Buy this record NOW.

Band notes:

    For once I can truly say that the band, The New Power Generation, hasn't changed at all since the last album. The line-up is this:
    Prince : Whatever.
    Mayte : Background vocals.
    Mr. Hayes : Keyboards.
    Tommy Barbarella : Keyboards.
    Sonny T. : Bass & backing vocals.
    Michael Bland : Drums.
    NPG Hornz : Mike Nelson, Kathy and Dave Jensen, Brian Gallagher and Steve Strand.
    Additional stuff by : Kirky j., Nona Gaye and James Behringer.
    NPG Operator is : Rain Ivana.

Chart notes:

    The album did very well on the charts. Not quite making the top spot it deserved, but.. almost.
    "The Gold Experience" made no.6 on the Pop-chart and the second spot on the R&B-chart.
    Two singles were released in conjunction with "The Gold Experience"; "I Hate You" and "Gold". "I Hate You" did best of the two reaching no.12 on the Pop-chart and no.3 on the R&B-chart. "Gold" did much worse than it deserved, peaking at no.88 on the Pop-chart and no.92 on the R&B-chart. All in all "The Gold Experience" was a clean success.

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