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Welcome to The Purple Music Experience
The welcome-page of The Purple Music Experience A description of ALL The Artist's records. Complete with covers, release dates, chart info, lyrics etc. etc. A COMPLETE collection of The Artist's lyrics. Sorted and in an easy to read form. The links that I find usefull. By no means complete but covering allmost anything you need to know. Information about this site, version history, site map, ME, support, etc. etc. Please send ANY comments to me here. Over 500,000 songs

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The Artist's Central Version History.

Version 1.02 : June 3, 2000.

    Now i have removed all of the trackers and stuff, since I never used it anyway. I have also added extensive links to CDNOW in the hopes of earning a few CD's as a little payment for my work.

Version 1.01 : October 10, 1999.

    I decided to change the site tracker to the Hitbox instead of the Exxtreme tracker that I have used so far. Very little difference to the users of the site but large difference for me. This change might also lead to the removal of the Linkexchange program since I only get 1% of my visitors from it anyway.

Version 1.00 : June 8, 1999.

    I decided to finally finish the site because I was featured at in their music section. I didn't really think I could ignore that and decided not to let them down. So here it was the final version, VERSION 1.00
    I removed a whole section, the "Music" section, it was originally intended to contain a guide to the music of Prince as well as user generated charts etc. etc.. In recognition of my lazyness it was removed, I also added the description of "Emancipation" making the site complete with the exception of the "Me, Myself and I"-page and the description of "Crystal Ball".

Beta Version B : March 7, 1999.

    Now that the Beta Version had proven its functionality, I filled in the remaining album descriptions and lyrics and uploaded it.
    The site now had everything but the music section ready and I was very near the point where I would register it with the search engines. Only very small details remained. In comparison with Beta Version A, I had replaced the Nedstat counter with an Exxtreme Tracker that I found to be very much better and together with Linkexchange I could track every imaginable information about my visitors. I had also placed Geoguides on all pages, except the lyrics pages and removed some references to Music Boulevard that had been left behind from a previous version.

Beta Version A : February 5, 1999.

    With a new and improved layout, this version of the site was uploaded to test the new layout and to test the external things on the site; Linkexchange, counters, nedstat, CDNOW, Geoguide, etc.
    It contained the completed descriptions of nearly all the albums, nearly all the lyrics with alphabetic index, and the main pages (the ones you can access from the menu). It was more or less the final test of the site so that I only needed to fill in the remaining text.
    At this time I had already begun receiving positive feedback from visitors and I had been offered to become a featured site on Geocities, with an unfinished site !!!

Alfa Version : June 1998.

    The first version of The Artist's Central was uploaded sometime in June 1998. It was not a finished version, not even close!. It was meant as an internet-test of the stuff that was on my computer at that time. Since I didn't want to continue with a site that somehow didn't work on the net, this seemed to be the right thing to do.

    It contained the basic layout of the entire site, the nav-bar, a lot of empty pages, the album overview, the links overview and 3 or 4 album descriptions with lyrics. And it worked by the way.

Please send any comments or suggestions to me via E-male and I shall answer or respond to them as soon and nicely as I can.

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